Unexpected gem! – Essence Buffer Brush (for less than $5)

Hello beauties,

When I find good and cheap products I think it’s an obligation to share it here, on the beautyworkers blog! We started this blog for this, to talk about products, the ones we liked and the ones we didn’t. But especially to talk about products that we didn’t see anyone talk about.


I bought this brush without great expectations, it was very cheap and I took advantage of the Essence sales, which made it even cheaper.

The brush is very simple, from the white handle to the white/ grey bristles. It’s very soft and has the perfect size to travel.


According to the information on the actual package:

‘The flat shape of this brush is suitable for applying and blending foundation and powder as well as removing excess powder. Due to the densely packed bristles, a flawless distribution of the foundation is given’.



This brush belongs to the New Summer 2018 Collection. There’s a lot of brushes from this collection but I only bought this one (crying inside).

As I said, I didn’t expect too much from this and I don’t know why (probably because I thought it was too cheap to be good). I don’t know if this only happens to me, but I used to thought that an expensive product automatically means a good product but I had too many disappointments which made me learn the lesson.

If I knew this was so good, I should had bought more two, just to have on stock. This brush is marvelous (and I’m not being paid to say that)!

I tried it, the first time, with a foundation that I love and even then I noticed an immediate difference. Then I tried with a foundation that I have been having problems and it looked flawless! The nose area (my most problematic area) stayed flawless (again). It is so easy to use, the application is quick and the finish is great! What’s not to love?

If you have the opportunity don’t buy one, buy two!

I will definitely buy another one and others from this collection to see if they are just as good.


Have you tried this brush or another from this collection?




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