5 Beauty Products Based on Fruit to use this Summer

Hello beauties,

Today we will share with you the vitamin products that will make you an authentic fruit salad for this summer. #tutti-fruttisummerlove.




If you love Orange then we have good news for you, because the Orange-based Products arrived in strength and they came to stay!

Don’t believe? Then check the Kiehl’s Powerful-Strenght Line-Reducing sérum that has a higher percentage of Vitamin C than its previous formula (12,5%), besides it contains hyaluronic acid, which makes it a good ally in filling fine wrinkles.




It has a cost of $62, here.


Another good example is the well-known and beloved C-Rush Gel creme from Olehenriksen. I love this cream! The smell is wonderful and the product is perfect for a radiant but natural look. Curious? Check here.




It has a cost of $44, here.




Mustus masks arrived last month to Portugal. There are several masks with different ingredients and purposes but all have in common the fact that they have natural ingredients. The red one is composed of extracts of tomato, apple, strawberry, cherry, and pomegranate, which moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the face.





Do you need a purifying exfoliant? Then this one with Kiwi seeds will be a great option for you. The L’Oréal Paris exfoliating sugars have 100% natural origin and will allow a gentle exfoliation. They can be used on the skin as well as on the lips. There are three different options for different purposes: grapeseed oil for illuminating, Cocoa Butter to nourish and Kiwi seeds to purify.




It has a cost of $12, here.



We all know the fame of body butter from The Body Shop, it’s a classic. But with the warm weather is not very practical to spend an eternity waiting for the products to be absorbed by the skin. The solution is the new Body Yogurt that contains a 100% vegan formula and a gel-cream formula for quick absorption and with 48h of hydration. There are six different ‘flavors’ to choose from.




It has a cost of $15, here.



This year Yves Rocher launched a summer collection dedicated to maracuja. Who does not like the fresh smell but also sweet of this passion fruit, right?  The Maracuja scrub promises to smooth the skin to leave it perfect for the summer. There is also a shower gel, a gel creme and a fragrance to perfume the body and the clothes.




It has a cost of $8 here.


What is your favorite product? Are you excited with these tutti-fruit beauty products?





2 thoughts on “5 Beauty Products Based on Fruit to use this Summer

    1. I think that mask was launched in Portugal this month. I was a little tempted to try it but I heard that’s not the best for damaged hair (my type!) but the smell, as you said, must be ‘delicious’. xx


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