[Sephora] Charcoal Nose Strip

Hello beauties,

When I see a product for blackheads, I’m immediately drawn to it. It’s a fact. Not that I have a lot of blackheads in my face but I have a few on my nose that are everything, but not pretty.

So, last time I entered a Sephora store, I saw a whole section of new masks (some they just changed the packaging but others are totally new) that are somewhat affordable. I bought a few to try and one of them is the Charcoal Nose Strip. There’s available a Charcoal mask for the whole face that made curious too (maybe next time).


But let’s talk about the Charcoal nose strip, according to the packaging, this is:

‘The fast and efficient solution for eliminating the impurities and oil that clog pores’.

Enriched with charcoal extract, this strip:

  • Effectively removes blackheads and unclogs pores
  • Eliminates impurities and excess sebum
  • For skin that is smooth, clear and more radiant


How to use

  1. Remove makeup and cleanses the nose. Remove the transparent protective film.
  2. Apply the strip onto damp skin with the black side against the nose. Moisten the nose again so that the patch adheres perfectly to the nose contours.
  3. Leave it for 15 minutes. Delicately remove the patch off. Rinse to remove any eventual residue.



Final thoughts

I like to wear a nose past every other week. Usually the ones I use are from Too Cool for School, the egg ones (here) but lately, I’ve been feeling some discomfort with those strips. When I remove them, I feel my nose hurt on the sides. This did not happen with this strip from Sephora, far from it.

I think this strip is super suitable even for those who have sensitive skin or even to wear during summer times when we have a little more sensitized skin either by the sun or the hot weather.

Another thing I liked about this strip was the smell. I’m a fan of Hamamelis (Witch Hazel), for its moisturizing and sensitizing characteristics, as well as for its perfume. And as soon as I opened the package I felt this characteristic scent. I went to see the ingredients and what a surprise: Hamamelis Virginian Bark/ Leaf / Twig Extract!

But let’s talk about effectiveness. Whenever I pull a nose strip out, I like to analyze the amount of sebum I had accumulated in my nose (and let me tell you, it’s always a lot). With this strip, I did not notice the same amount of blackheads extracted (but I still could see some) as with the Too Cool for School strip and that could be because I’m using the Clarisonic and I’ve been noticing fewer blackheads on my nose area, because of that.


Another thing that I noticed was the fact that when I removed the strip I had a lot of black residue on the skin.


In the end, I want to re-try this nose strip since the skin got very smooth and radiant in the end. And to be fair, I want to try it again and repeat the step 2, because I have doubts about whether to re-wet the nose already with the strap in place, which may have compromised its effectiveness.


Have you tried this nose strip? Did you re-wet the patch when you had it already on your nose?
















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