#MondayMask – Skinfood Bitter Green

Hello beauties,

Another Monday, another mask. Are you excited?! I am because I want to show you this new mask that I tried and loved – the Skinfood Bitter Green.

Skinfood is not a new brand for us. If you follow us for a while, you know that we love Korean brands, and Skinfood is one of our favorites because of its natural philosophy.

In the present, there is a huge concern with detoxifying our bodies, and with healthy eating. Skinfood has as theme “healthy skin starts with healthy food”, that is why they turn a cold-pressed green juice in a mask.

The Bitter Green mask brings a plan to help our skin, that is Discharge and Replenish. That means that they use the power of the green juice to protect our skin from the external elements that exist in the environment. I don’t know if you know, but the elements that you find in the environment can be acids, chemicals and many more.

To protect our skin, Skinfood developed the Bitter Green line that has the 5 Complex.

The 5 Complex consists of the same power hitter in a green juice: kale, wheat grass, celery, broccoli extracts, and cabbage.

These greens but have many functions but mainly:

  • detoxifying;
  • discharge toxins;
  • discharge impurities;
  • protect skin from pollution and environmental elements;
  • replenish the skin with essential nutrients;
  • create a protective barrier;
  • these greens are constituted with Vitamin A, C, and K and also with calcium, potassium, and magnesium;
  • fight skin damage;
  • protect from free-radicals and pollutants;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • alleviate redness, irritation, and stress.


Interesting, right?!


The Bitter Green line is composed of four products to give a complete 4-steps skincare routine – a cleansing gel, a foam, a mask and a tonic & Mask.

All the products of line are:

  • gentle
  • hypoallergenic
  • free of artificial fragrances
  • free of dyes
  • for sensitive skin


As I said in the beggining, today I’m going to talk about the mask.


The Bitter Green Clay soothing Mask has a lot of functions, like:

  • sooth
  • hydration
  • absorb oil
  • calm irritation
  • purification



This mask has a green color with some grains to promote a gentle exfoliation when you are taking it off. It has a great smell – fresh, like a green juice.



It’s really easy to apply. You can use your fingers or a mask brush.

  1. clean your face
  2. apply a thick layer, avoiding the eye and mouth area
  3. leave for 10-15 minutes
  4. rinse off with warm water while doing a gentle massage.


  1. Apply a good amount of mask because it’s the best way to achieve best results (you will fee some absorption, so if in the end you want to do an exfoliation, you will need all the product you are left).
  2. For better results, don’t forget to massage your face in round motions, so the grains ca do their job. They will help remove the dead cells that you have in the skin and increase the purification of your face.



I really like this clay mask. Is one of the masks that I did that I felt and saw results in long term. This mask purifies and cleans your face from inside. That means that is not the best mask to do before an event or on that day that you need your skin extra perfect. Why?!

Like I said this mask cleans and purifies your skin from inside to the outside, that means that is possible to appear some imperfections and blemishes after the use of this mask. That doesn’t mean that you are having a bad interaction with the mask, but that the mask is working.

I have been doing this mask for a while because my skin is not in the best shape. That time of the month and eating too much gluten made me breakout. That happened almost 15 days ago and by now my skin is almost healed. And that is also because of this mask. The blemishes that the Bitter Green clay mask gave me were really small and now are gone, and what stays is a purified and healthy skin that is visible when you look in the mirror.


I like to do this mask at night, to clean deeply my skin, and I advise you to do like 15 days before an event to make sure that is perfect.

Now I’m really curious about the rest of the line because I’m sure they will be great as this mask.

Curious about this mask? Want to try? you can buy it here, it has 145g and cost $21.00.


Did you know this mask? Have you tried? What was the best mask that you tried recently? I would love to know about it.








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