5 Beauty Products to Achieve Perfect Lips in Summer!

Hello beauties,

It’s hot and our lips are a very sensitive piece of skin. It’s not only in winter that we need to have certain precautions. In the Summer we also have to take care of them and keep them hydrated.

The first step for that is to drink water…a lot (two glasses are not enough). Then we can count with a little help from a lip balm…or two..or if you are like me, a few!




These two simple steps will make your lips perfect to use any lipstick in the summer. Don’t forget that you can use makeup but it’s always important to take care on what’s above…our skin. In the future, you will thank us!

With no more delays, these are my favorite lip balms, the ones that I make sure to use in the morning and in the night before bed (I admit that in the morning, I forget this step sometimes).


Bodhi and Birch | Cacao Cocoon Lip Treatment


Bodhi and Birch Cacao Cocoon Lip treatment


This is one of the last lip balms that came to my hand and I really like it. The fact that’s 100% vegan and all natural is a real turn on for me. I admit that I reach for this almost every night because I love the scent but mainly because in the next day I wake up with my lips very soft and plump.


Jane Scrivner | #morethanjustalipbalm


Jane Scrivner #morethanjustalipbalm


I reach for this product mainly in the morning because of its moisture properties but also because the gentle scrub. It’s perfect to use before any lipstick. I promisse you that you will love this (and the menthol scent and freshness …oh my)!


Sephora | Honey lip scrub


Sephora  Honey lip scrub


This lip scrub is not as gentle as the Jane Scrivner. If I know that I’m going to use a matt lipstick that needs a good lip scrub before, I use this one. Because of the oily consistency, I like to take it off after a couple of minutes and then I apply the matt lipstick.


Yves Rocher | Macadamia Lipbalm


Yves Rocher Macadamia Lipbalm


This product is great to put on a bag and to apply at any time of the day. It’s no sticky and has a very lighweight formula.


Lanolips | Multipurpose Superbalm


Lanolips Multipurpose Superbalm


Last but not least (at all). I confess that I love Lanolips brand. I am really in love with this brand and with their phylosofy of sheeps and lanolin and all that jazz. I like this product because it’s perfect to apply on everywhere that you need: cuticles, elbows, lips… When I know that I need something that won’t dissapoint me, I use this!


Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, it’s the key to a perfect skin!


What’s your number uno lipbalm for Summer? Comment down below.


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