How I keep my skin hydrated in Summer #1| [Clarins] Hydra-Essentiel Gel Sorbet

Hello beauties,

I love summer but the combination of warm weather and oily skin can be a disaster. If you have this type of skin you will understand the struggle. It’s a bummer but fortunately, there are some products that were made especially for this time of year.

Let me introduce you the Clarins Hydra-Essential Gel Sorbet.



I’m a big fan of the eye mask from the Hydra-Essential line and honestly, that was the reason why I was so curious to try this product. Last month, I had the opportunity to try the entire Clarins collection and although I liked a lot of products, this one turned immediately one of my favorites!

According to the information provided on the packaging, this product:

‘Heat, cold, sudden changes in temperature and pollution all contribute to skin dehydration. This fresh, non-oily gel helps restore radiance and confort in any environment condition’.

It promisses:

  • A skin is perfectly hydrated. Organic leaf of life extract boosts the skin mechanisms that encourage multi-level hydration.
  • A shine-free skin. A key ingredient helps limit shine caused by heat.

(the question is what key ingredient???)

The packaging is beautiful and very heavy. I love heavy packages, probably because unconsciously I relate heavy with good quality. Makes sense?

(But don’t be fooled by my theory because that’s not always the reality).


I have this cream for almost two months and I love it so much that it’s at half!

I have combo/oily skin, mostly oily on Summer, and I can use this product at night and in the morning. This shows you how lightweight this product is but it’s also very effective! It really does what it promises, which is hydration without the heavy feeling that some moisturizers can make.

It’s also very fresh and if you want to potentiate this effect you can put the product in the fridge and use it after a couple of minutes. I’m sure that you will love the cooling effect, especially with hot weather.

You also can feel the scent of Aloe Vera, it’s fresh and it leaves a nice smell on the skin.

If you have dry skin this probably does not provide enough hydration for you (not even close) but I have good news because there’s available a Hydra-Essential Rich Creme, especially for dry skins. Hurray!

Shall we talk about the price? Well, it’s not the most affordable product but between all the creams that are on the market, I think this is not the most expensive one. It brings 50ml and the price is between 50€.

I would love to say that a little goes a long way but with this product, I tended to use quite of the product because I love the refreshing effect this provides to my skin and because f its consistency (it’s very gelly).

Next week I will show you another cream that I like to use in Summer. It’s from origins, can you guess what is it?





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