[Kat Von D] Tattoo liner – Tropper Black (limited edition)

Hello beauties,

I’m a eyeliner lover. If you asked me what makeup product I love the most my answer would be concealer or eyeliner.

So it’s normal if I’m always looking for the perfect one. You can’t deny the attention that the tattoo liner from Katy Von D has all over the world. When we google eyeliner, Kat Von D Tattoo liner is always on the top results.

I bought it some time ago and I’ve been trying it for quite some time to give you my honest opinion about it.


Here we go…

First, the packaging is beautiful. I was lucky because I grab the commemorative packaging. It’s gold instead of black and it has Kat Von D’s signature on the top. The formula is exactly the same as the one with the black packaging.


I’m going to start with the things that I like about it: the color trooper black is very pigmented. The liner is very fine, making it perfect to reach the inner corner of the eye. I like to bring it forward do making the illusion of a more open eye. ~If you like fine lines then you will love the precision of this eyeliner.


It stays in place a lot of time without any smudging or bleeding.

Now, what I don’t like: the product dries too fast making it difficult to apply or retouch certain areas. It doesn’t want to grab! You need to have very pacience and careful or you’ll make a mess.

With small touches we are able to touch up certain areas. But it is not easy…

do not advise this eyeliner to someone who does not have practice to apply this type of makeup. In my opinion, this product is good for those who have a lot experience to apply eyeliner because you need bo be quick. If you are looking for precision and you have some experience then this product is perfect for you!


Are you interested on a post with my eyeliner collection and what are the best in my opinion? Comment down below.






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