[Sephora Collection] Lychee Eye Mask

Hello beauties,

It’s July 23 and that means that we are in the boom of Summer but I don’t know what is happening this year because in Portugal the Summer is very shy.

I’m going, to be honest with you, I’m writing this post at the beach and I can’t put a foot at the water, it’s soooo cold, and it’s windy and okay it’s not cold but let me tell you, it definitely doesn’t feel like Summer.

Who wants to bet with me that this year we are going have a hot weather until December in Portugal?

I’m sorry, if you are not from here, you don’t need to read my rambling about the weather, so let’s talk about what you came here for the Sephora Lychee Eye Mask.


I bought this mask on my last visit to Sephora. I was in need of something for my under eyes and dark circles (if you follow us, you know about the struggle).

I asked for a hydration eye mask and the seller recommended this one to me. I didn’t know about it so I bought it (YOLO, right?).

According to the indications, this mask gives moisture and brightness to the eyes and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

the main ingredient on this mask is the Lychee, that is perfecting to not let your skin dry out because of their quenching properties.


How to apply it:

  1. Open the package, and remove the  patches (the most complicated step, right?)
  2. Take the first patch and apply in the eyes, removing the outside patch after
  3. Apply the second patch to the other eye but before take the middle patch.
  4. Wait 15 minutes (use a tan while you are waiting – if you are from here there is the only way you are going to have some color)
  5. After time pass, remove the mask, and massage until complete absorption (uhhh massage it girl!)
  6. Don’t need to rinse with water (the best type of masks!).


I have been on the search for a mask that can really hydrated my under eyes. I don’t know if you can see from the pictures, but I have some uneven texture, and I can’t make it disappear without the use of some treatments. One parenthesis, I’m Sorry for my brows in the pic, I need to do them. 😕

The mask has a really weak scent, so soft that I did the mask yesterday and can’t even remember it. For me, that’s a bonus on a mask, because for a mask to be good to all skin types, especially to sensitive ones, it shouldn’t have a strong perfume (it can irritate the skin, especially on the under eyes).

While I was applying the mask, the casing from outside was easy to remove, but the one that was separating the two mask wasn’t that easy. Maybe it was because my broken nail (in summer my nails are like paper) or if it’s just from the mask. I had a hard time taking it, but with patience, we can make everything work, and I did it.

The application itself was easy, the masks had the right size and were not slipping from the eyes while I was waiting. After the 15 minutes, I took them and it wasn’t necessary to massage the excess because I didn’t have any left. My skin probably absorbed all the product like the Sahara).

I wasn’t expecting the results to be that good.  After I took off the mask, I felt such comfort and softness in my under eyes, and even in the day after I still feel that is not as dry as it used to be. I also could see some improvement on the brightening part. I don’t know if you can see in the after image, but my under eyes are more bright, almost like it has a light.


I can say with the absolute right, that this mask has the BeautyWorkers approve.

After that, I think it’s a fact that I’m going to buy it again, and if you want to buy it too, just click here or you can find it on Sephora for $5.00.


(disclaimer- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).





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