[Too Faced] Just Peachy Mattes | Is it really so good as everybody says?

Hello beauties,

If you see my eyeshadow collection you’ll probably understand when I say that I’m a holographic and glittery kind of person. Because of that, I was in need of a matte eyeshadow palette. And this is where the Just Peach Mattes Palette from Too Faced come to the rescue.


When the Peaches and Cream collection launched in Portugal, this palette didn’t grab my attention (because of its glitter lacking) but after some time (and some good opinions from friends) I decided to buy it!

Who can resist this package? Too Faced vodoo, as I call it! Or those cute packagings and smells that Too Faced product have to taint us, common mortals!


This is a well know palette and I feel that a lot of people already talked about it but I needed to share with you how good this palette is.

The palette:

‘Just Peachy Mattes is infused with refreshing peach and sweet fig cream in our exclusive modern Comfort matte formula for an intense color payoff that’s beyond blendable. Create endless looks with 12 matte shades of warm peaches, buttery creams, and rich brows that smell and feel oh so good’.


Just Peachy 12- shade palette has a weight of 15g, with a peachy scent that’s incredible. I really like the smell whenever I open the package and even when I’m applying it. I read some complaints about the strong scent and the fact that’s still very noticeable during the day but I don’t agree. After a couple of minutes I can’t feel the scent anymore and in my opinion, the scent is very nice and not so strong.


The formula:

Another thing I read was the fact that the shades look, all the same, again I disagree, I think they don’t look all the same.

All of the shades are very easy to pick with a brush and I just felt some difficulty blending the darker shades, but nothing that a light hand and some time blending, won’t solve.


I was very impressed with the pigmentation. The formula is great in terms of color payoff. This could be because they list Talc as one of the first ingredients (if you don’t know, talc helps give impressive payoff).

This is not the best of the best palette in terms of long-wearing (Urban decay Heat palette is better) but it’s also not too bad. After 6 hours I still can see a lot of color on my eyes.

Peach Meringue – Peach Tea – Peach Cobbler – Peach Tart
Peach Butter – Just Peachy – Peach Punch – Just Ripe
Peaches and Cream – Fresh Picked – Peach Sanguia – Chocolate Dipped


The Looks:

I’m not a makeup artist (far from that). I’m just a girl that loves makeup and that learns everything for herself with some help of my favorite YouTubers. So when I achieve a good look in the first time that I’m trying a palette, then it’s a win for me. And that’s exactly what happened to me. Everytime that I use this eyeshadow palette I’m happy with the result. I call it my safe palette, great for simple looks for work (like mine) and for some more glamorous looks.


Final thoughts:

I really like this palette, it has the perfect shades to complement some of my glittery eyeshadows, but it’s also good if you are looking for a completely matte look. Can you create endless looks? ehh you can create some different looks but you will be on a point that you can’t create more than you already created, and at that point you can count with the help of our beloved friends: the glitter eyeshadows! Add a little on the intern part of the eye and have fun creating new looks!!

It’s a little expensive (€46.00, exclusively at sephora) but in my opinion it’s worthy.









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