9 Clarisonic Mistakes | What are you doing wrong?

Hello beauties,

Do you know that you could be using your Clarisonic in a wrong way? Yes, if you are not seeing results after a couple of weeks, it may be because you are doing something wrong. I had my part of mistakes, but fortunately, I did see results almost immediately.

I really love to use my Clarisonic, I think that’s a little bit expensive but it’s worth every penny, check here my accurate story. I hope that this post helps you if you are not seeing results with your Clarisonic.


1. Your cleansing gel is not the indicated for your skin type

It took me some time and a lot of trying to see what’s the best gel for me. I like a gel that makes a little foam but that doesn’t dry too much my skin. Some I tried left my skin with a ‘pulling’ effect. For now, I’m using the Yves Rocher Hydra Gel and I’m really liking it. You can check, here, our post about the best cleansing gel for you.



2. You are using too much/too little cleaning gel

It’s important to use the right amount of product. If you use too much it could be a mess, and if you don’t use the right amount, you can hurt the skin. Imagine shaving your legs with just a Gilette? It hurts right? Well, that’s the reason why you should use a good amount of cleansing gel. You know the intern ring of the Clarisonic head? That should be the size of the product you should use.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal (one pump)

3. Don’t use products with exfoliation granules (like sugar, for example)

You don’t need it. Use first the Clarisonic with a cleansing gel and then if you feel the necessity, do an exfoliation with a product. But reduce the number of times you do the exfoliation per week. Remeber that the Clarisonic is not an exfoliation machine (per se) but it helps to take the dead skin (almost as an exfoliation).


4. Wash your brush head every time you use it

This step is very important because it will greatly increase the lifetime of the brush. I know that’s a bummer and that you don’t always have the time, but you will thank this step. This just will take you 20 seconds, use a gentle gel and wash the brush head. Once a week, I like to clean the brush with a little bit of alcohol, just like the face brush.


5. Dry well the face brush and brush head

If you check the information, every brush head antibacterial properties but I always like to dry the brush head on a towel after washing it.


6. Maybe you are using it too much

I started by using it two times a day (am and pm) but I felt my skin a little more sensitive and now I only use it at night. Also, a lot of people complain about the ‘purge phase’. That could happen if you are using it too much. Listen to your skin.


7. Choose the right brush head for your skin type

They’re so many brush heads to choose. If you have dry skin you shouldn’t use a head brush for oily skin. Also, take care if you have sensitive skin, the pores head brush is very strong. Visit the website (Clarisonic provides a contact line and they also have a quiz that can help you) and do a good search before choosing a brush head – let’s be honest, they’re expensive, you need to choose well.


8. Change your brush head every 3 months

It’s recommended that you change your brush head every three months but if you are like me and only use it one time a day (5 days per week) then your brush head could take until 4 months. But if you use it every day or two times a day, then don’t skip this step, change it. If the bristles of the head are all opened then it’s definitely the time to change.


9. Give it time

I know that this is not a step per se, but give it time. Some people see immediate results but for others, it takes a little of time. I read some comments from people that used it for a week, didn’t see results and they throw it away. Don’t stop using it, unless you are seeing drastic bad results.











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