[Make Up For Ever] Artist Acrylip

Hello beauties,

Two weeks ago I ‘ve got lost in the sales fever. Let’s say this month was one of the worst for my bank account.
Some products were great, which means good posts! Other purchases were more impulsive and I admit that in the heat of the moment (and with the eye on some desirable prices) I brought products just out of curiosity. Let’s be real, I’m crazy and curious and half os my shopping is always for curiosity!

This is what happened with these lipsticks from Make Up For Ever, the Artist Acrylip. While the normal price is € 22.95 (in Portugal), I bought each one for € 4. A nice deal, right? A girl just can’t resist.



According to the description on the box, these lipsticks are:

‘Inspired by the bold, high pigment acrylic paints used by artists, ARTIST ACRYLIC coverslips with intense color and a thin, non-sticky texture. The stanted cushion applicator hugs lips with Comfort, and provides uniform color in just one stroke’.

The Artist Acrylip Collection is not new and the face of the collection was the well-known singer Jessie J.


 I’m not surprised because the colors of this collection are very Jessie J like. I can imagine her in all the colors.

I ended up buying two shades, that are out of my comfort zone, the 201 Fuchsia Pink, and the 401 Raspberry Red. Two colors very far from my beloved nudes.


201 Fuchsia Pink

201 Fuchsia Pink

Make up for Ever Artist Acrylip 201 Fuchsia Pink

401 Raspberry Red

401 Raspberry Red
Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip 401 Raspberry Red

Final thoughts

The formula is nice, it’s not sticky or tacky and really lightweight on the lips (slight gloss but with a lot more color). If you want a matte effect, try to use a little of setting powder on top.
The applicator is not bad, it makes very easy to apply and get a precise application. Overall it feels comfortable on the lips. However, this is not a long-lasting lipstick, it will come off on anything that you touch with your lips.
The colors are brighter than what’s in the tube (for both lipsticks). I don’t know if I will use them a lot (probably not) but if you like bright colors then you will love them.
The packaging is nothing special, a little disappointed about it (for the price I was expecting something more) but I like the fact that they have the color on the packaging (although it is not the precise color, as I said).

Have you tried this lip collection?





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