Karl Lagerfeld + Modelco Collaboration

Hello beauties,

On 14th March, Karl Lagerfeld and Modelco launched a limited edition of makeup. Featuring a range of innovative beauty products, this limited edition collection will be available through KARL LAGERFELD stores, KARL.COM and modelco.com.

In the U.S. You can also find this collection at Nordstrom and in Europe at Douglas, Cult Beauty, and Notino.

The products combine ModelCo’s high-quality formulas and innovative, technical packaging with Karl Lagerfeld’s artistic aesthetic. The theme of the collection is “Illuminated Beauty” and it includes more than 50 beauty products for face, eyes, and lips, plus accessories. The packaging of the Lip Lights, Lip Balm and Brush Sets features a Karl Lagerfeld head silhouette.


We bought two lipsticks to try and see if the quality is as good as they promise.

The choose to try two Lip lights liquid matte lipsticks. It’s available in eight different colors (but do not trust the colors website, because they are very diferente on lips). This is not the best range, but enought for a start.

We chose the color Princess Choupette and Rue Lagerfeld.


Rue Lagerfeld


Princess Choupette


Both lipsticks are long wearing and really comfortable because it dries matte but doesn’t dry your lips and you won’t feel that you are wearing lipstick. Another positive point about this lipstick is that is transfer-proof, that means that you can eat, drink or kiss that it won’t transfer (at least too much). You are free to kiss who you want with this lipstick, that it won’t tell!

Rue Lagerfeld

Now maybe you are asking yourself, what is the difference between these liquid lipsticks and others that are on the market?


Well, this limited edition is cruelty-free and have a particularity that not another lipstick has:  it has lights! Don’t be surprised, it’s exactly what you read: the lipstick itself brings it’s own LED light and a mirror. Perfect for you to be able to apply your lipstick anywhere, being day or night.

Princess Choupette

Our true opinion about these lipsticks…

We both really love the formula, it has a lot of pigment but it’s not heavy, on the contrary, you don’t feel that you are wearing a matte lipstick. Besides being comfortable it is also a long wearing lipstick.

Now about the big elephant in the room, the LED lights. It may be useful but it also may not be. If you are applying it on the street, at night or without many lights, then you will love it, especially because you have a mirror to see what you are doing. But if you are in a room with a bigger mirror and lights, you probably will not use the ones that the package brings and it can difficult the application, because the lights will do a shadow in the lips, and you won’t see what you are doing.

I truly recommend for you to try the Karl Lagerfeld & ModelCo matte lipstick because the formula is great and let’s be honest, you will be the center of the attention when you apply the lipstick. Just one advice, choose the color right. I love the color that I choose (Princess Choupette) but Rita (Rue Lagerfeld) thinks that she looks like a ghost with hers.

If you want to try it, click here and you can buy each one for $28.00.

Hope you liked it!




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