[Caolin] Pore & Make Up Cleansing Stick | 3 in 1 in 15 seconds?

Hello beauties,

Do you also feel the need to buy products that you don’t need but then you think ‘I have skin, so I need to take care of it’ even if it’s your tenth exfoliant? Well, welcome to my life.

That was exactly what happened to me when I bought the Caolin Pore & Make Up Cleansing Stick. We see a stick that takes the makeup and exfoliates at the same time and your body can’t resist.


But let me tell you exactly what this product is. According to the box, this is for all skin types and it’s a make up remover, exfoliation and a foam cleansing.

‘Three-step, ‘Balm to oil to foam’ formulation that changes into oil to dissolve make up, then to foam to deep cleanse away all impurities lodged in the pores.’

  • Contains charcoal scrub to control sebum and to purify skin.
  • Vegetable oil bases keeps your skin moist even after cleansing the face.
  • Water lotus extract, Rice extract and Artemisia extract help to soothe and relieve stress.



  1. Apply on dry skin and massage gently with the stick to melt away make-up.
  2. Cleanse face by adding drops of water to create foam and massage with hands.
  3. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Close eyes when rising.

(Clean the stick with running water after use)


Final Opinion

Besides being interesting, this product is effective. I tried various cleansing oils and still could not find one that made me happy. Although this product per se is not a cleansing oil, when you apply the stick on the skin, you feel a product with a similar formula to a cleansing oil. Then when you add water, the product creates some foam but not much. Removal is easy and quick. Personally I did not feel the exfoliation action so I do not advise the replacement of your normal exfoliator for this product.

What I really liked about this product is that it completely and quickly removes makeup. I did not have high expectations, I do not know why. But after using this product I did the test with a cotton and a miscellar water and it didn’t bring any trace of makeup (I always like to finish the makeup remover with a micellar water or a tonic). The only con for me is the fact that we can’t use it in the eyes. 

I still do not change my Clarisonic in my routine but I think this product will be my election for the days when I do not use the Clarisonic and even before using the Clarisonic since I always like to remove excess make-up before. I tried it this way and didn’t noticed my skin more sensitive.



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