Thermal Water | My best friend for Summer days // 4 Ways to use it

Hello beauties,

Today I’m going to talk to you about thermal waters. Everyday elements like pollution, cold air or heat can cause the skin to lose water, meaning dehydration skin.

If you asked me a couple of years ago, I would laugh and say that a thermal water is absolutely the same as tap water. But after I started work on a pharmacy I fell in love with thermal water and all of its uses.



#1 Toner

It helps balance your pH and smooth out the skin. I use it every time after I clean up my face and before I use the Serum and moisturizer. It really helps with the tight feeling that I feel sometimes after cleaning my skin. That’s because the tap water is not pH balanced. Thermal water normally has a pH of 6, which is perfect for the skin balance.


#2 After masks

After doing a mask instead of taking it off immediately with water you can spray thermal water on your skin and then pad with a towel.


#3 To refresh

Every time you feel your skin dry or dull you can apply this product. It’s a lifesaver in Summer! I’m addicted to using thermal water not just in my face but also in my arms and legs. After the shower on a hot day, it’s heaven! You can also take it to the beach and refresh your skin!


#4 After makeup

If you applied too much makeup or if you don’t like that heavy foundation with a lot of powder feeling, try to apply a little of thermal water and pat it with a beauty blender.



I usually use the Caudalie Grape Water and I absolutely love it, but I was interested in a more affordable one and during the last month I’ve been using the Vichy Mineralizing Thermal water.

The reason why Vichy is different is that it is rich in 15 rare minerals, perfect to improve skin’s natural barrier. I´m really picky when it comes to products with mists but this one has a great mist, not too strong.

The best about thermal water is that you can use it everytime you want and it completes the skins regiments! Since I’m using it I feel my skin more hydrated and soothe.



Check the difference between a list of ingredients of a thermal water and a bottle of water.





(Disclaimer- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link).


Do you like to use thermal waters? If so what’s your favorite brand?









4 thoughts on “Thermal Water | My best friend for Summer days // 4 Ways to use it

    1. I really love thermal waters. I also tried the Uriage thermal water and I really liked it! I still didn’t try the Avene thermal water but I definitely will give it a try when the Vicky’s over! Thank you for you comment!! Xx


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