[Too Cool for School] Egg Cream Mask – Hydration

Hello beauties,

Egg and Coconut Extract is probably one of the weirdest combinations, right? Well, I used to think so, but after trying the Too Cool for School Egg Cream Hydration Mask, I changed my ideas!


This single-use Ultra Microfiber Sheet Mask is part of a collecion that Too Cool for School launched. You can choose between a lot of mask, each one for a different purpose, but all with a common ingrediente: Egg.

Today, we are going to talk about the Hydration Mask, this ‘Mask sheet is concentrated with Egg yolk extract (100ppm) and Coconut Water (1,000ppm) to revive and nourish rough skin, and give moisture and radiance’.


As the name says, this product contains:

  • Egg Yolk Extract: Multiple nutrientes in Egg yolk extract deliver rich and balanced nourishment to your skin.
  • Coconut Water: Packed with essential minerals, coconut water instatly repenishes hydration.
  • Camu camu Extract: A potent superfruit rich in vitamin C, camu camu extract helps boost radiance amand brighten your skin.


How to use:

  1. Freshen your skin with toner after washing your face.
  2. Open pouch and separate the mask sheet from the support sheet and place it on your face.
  3. Leave the mask on your face for 10-20 minutes and remove the sheet.
  4. gently tap your face to let the remaining contentes to be absorbed into your skin.



Final thoughts:

The mask has a lot of product. I left it on my skin for 30 minutes, and I still had a lot of remaining product. You could pack it and use it again or you can do it like a did and use the rest on your arms, legs (trust me, it has enought for all your body).

The sheet mask is very comfortable and easy to apply but I felt the need to be still and I couldn’t talk because it has the tendecy to fall (I enjoyed the minutes to put some e-mails in order). When I took it off, I felt my skin a little bit warmer (just a couple of minutes) but when I had the mask on I felt my skin very fresh.


I have combo skin/slighly dehydrated skin and I was a little bit afraid to use this mask because sometimes my skin is more to the oily side and masks with coconut are not always the best for oily skin. But, I loved this mask!

I didn’t felt my skin oilier, not a little bit. On the contrary, I felt my skin hydrated and smoother. If you have very oily skin, you can try the pore tightening mask from the same line, I did and like it (check here).

It didn’t break me out and after a couple of days I still feel my skin hydrated.

I tried this mask afraid that it may be not the the best for my skin type, but surprisily I was in need of a good boost of hydration, so I don’t have a single negative point about this product, just the fact, as I said, that it could be not the best for very oily skin types.


Have you tried this mask? Comment down below, I want to know what’s your favorite hydration mask.




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