#MondayMask: Neutrogena Purifying Boost Detox

Hello beauties,

I think you already know by now that we are pharmacists, and that means that we have a lot of brands and good stuff on the shelves.

Neutrogena is a well-known brand in the world of pharmacy and not just in Portugal but all around the world, all because of their quality.

Recently, I received their face line and I like it so much that I brought it in my trip to Cuba (here). So it made sense that when their new masks were launched, I had to try them.

The Neutrogena Purifying Boost Detox hydrogel Recovery mask is a sheet mask for only one application.


Their new technology concentrates 30mL of a purifying serum in a sheet mask that you do in 15 minutes.


This mask has 100% of a purifying solution enriched with the extract of seaweed.

This mask was created to provide a feeling of purification, healthy and clean skin. Perfect for that stressful days when the only thing you need is to recover.



  1. In a clean face, apply both parts of the mask
  2. wait for 15 to 30 minutes
  3. Take off the mask off, and massage until full absorption.

The Neutrogena Purifying mask is a sheet mask divided in two parts, one for the upper side of the face and the other to the lower side of the face. For me, i like masks like that because the application is easier. The mask stays in the face, without slipping, like a second skin and that maximizes the absorption of the ingredients.



Final thoughts

I really liked this sheet mask because it made exactly what it said it would do.

This mask cost $3,99 and you can buy here, but if they had it for $15 or more, I wouldn’t be shocked because it is worthy and don’t forget it has in one mask the equivalent of 30mL Serum, making it supposedly expensive and rich.

A tip, if you are thinking on using the hydration sheet mask (another mask from the same Neutrogena mask line) take in consideration that the lip part is not cut, so you can also hydrate your lips while you are using the mask.

The final verdict is, of course, Beautywrkers approve.


What mask did you try recently that you liked? I can’t wait to read your comments and maybe add new things to my collection!






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