Uriage Age Protect | What’s the blue light and what does that to our skin?

Hello beauties,

We are in the Era of the Anti-aging solutions, like anti-radicals creams, anti-aging, anti-UVa or/and UVB …

But nothing is new, it’s like everything that we see are copies from other products. We need inovations, right?

Well, there is a “thing” that is causing some problems, like aging our skin and that no one, until now, though about. And that is the Blue light.
The blue light is part of the Visible Radiation with high energetic potency. It has been studied because of the problems that is been causing in eyes and skin, especially in the face skin (more exposed area).


If you don’t know, there are available special types of glasses just to protect our eyes from this type of light, and now it’ also available a complete skincare solution to protect our skin.

Right now you are probably thinking ‘where the hell comes this Blue Light’. I hate to be the one that is giving you the bad news, but surprise…. if you are reading this you are being exposed to the blue light! Scary right?

But why? Because the Blue light comes from TVs, Smartphones, Led lights, etc etc etc. Now you can make the counts to how many time you are exposing your face to this aging light.

Don’t be in a panic, Uriage thought on all of us, and put their effort in studies to protect us from the Blue Light. They made it, creating a new anti-aging line called Age Protect.


This is a complete line for all skin types and age, where you are going to find three creams for the day (normal skin, dry skin and one with SPF30), two creams for the night (one detox and another that is peeling), an eye cream and a serum.

This line is patented with the BLB patent that means Barrier Light blue. The formula was created using minerals, vitamins and vegetable extracts that act like a shield against the UV radiation. This new line also protects our skin against pollution, anto+i-radical and external elements using the Filmexel, that creates a second skin. They also add to this formula the good old anti-aging ingredients, like Retinol and Hyaluronic acid that combat the signs of age (wrinkles and dark spots). Not happy with the formula, they add to the party, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to gives a natural glow to the skin.

I already tried the serum and the cream, and I’m really liking it. They feel good in the skin, and the smell is really good.


But the question is ‘Do they result? Do I see some kind of results?’

When we talk about anti-aging products we can’t say that we see immediately or drastic results. It takes time. Do I feel my skin smoother? yes, immediately after using the products I feel my skin smoother and hydrated. But I can’t say that I see a drastic change from what it was before- maybe because I’m only 28 years old and my skin is not all wrinkly or maybe because I have a lot of care with my skin daily. But I will continue using these and keep you updated.


What do you think?


by JoanaB



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