New! L’Oréal x Camila Cabello | Havana Collection

Hello beauties,

The well-known songwriter/singer Camila Cabello collaborated with L’Oréal and helped come up with a collection of 14 products named ‘Havana’, which is very appropriate because Havana is the name of Camila’s hit song and the Cuban city in which she was born!

This collection is so exciting because L’Oréal is an affordable makeup brand with really good quality.


We tried a couple of products, the only ones that we didn’t try were the brow products because, unfortunately, they’re not available in Portugal (but they will let’s hope).

The collection has:

  • Two Havana Sun-Lit bronzers: light/medium and medium/deep
  • Four Havana Eye shadows
  • Three shades of Havana Gotta Give Brown
  • Brow Pen
  • Four Havana Lip Dew Lip gloss
  • Flash liner (eyeliner)

Havana Eye Shadows

You can choose between 4 different eye shadows. I bought the 01 In Love, 02 Hot Havana and the 04 Oh-Na-Na.


01 In Love is a Pink champagne that’s really pretty to highlight the inner corner.

02 Hot Havana is a green shadow with a lot of shimmer.

03 Control is a Brown matte shadow.

04 Oh-Na-Na is a rose/gold/bronze shadow.


Each eyeshadow brings 0.04 oz and costs $9.99.



Havana Flash Liner Liquid Eyeliner

According to the information on the packaging, this eyeliner is ‘easy, precise and dries in a flash’. This has a giant felt tip and is relatively easy to apply.


The wing was so easy to make, much easier than with any of my collection.


My only problem is the fact that it has a very liquid formula which causes a lot of product to come out and sometimes it can bleed a little, we need to apply it with a light hand if you want a fine line.


It has a nice black color, not as matte as I would like but black enough to get a beautiful effect.

The Flash liner brings 0.08 oz. and costs $11.99.



Havana Sun-Lit Bronzer – Medium/Dark

According to the informations on the back, you can use this product alone, mix with your foundation or just as a liquid highlight to give a sun-lit glow. Who doesn’t want an instant sun glow?


I tried the Medium/Dark shade and I didn’t notice the glow. Maybe the color is not the best for my skin color but the only thing that I noticed was a slight gold sheen and I needed to use a lot of product to see some results.


I also tried to use it after the foundation on the places where I usually apply the bronzer powder. But again I didn’t like the effect, it doesn’t look bad but we need a lot of product and the color is not the best for my skin color.

If you know a better way to use this bronzer, tell us in the comments below.

The Sun-lit brings 1.35 oz. (again, you will need every single drop to see results, so it’s better to bring a lot of product!) and costs $14.99.



Havana Lip Dew Lip Gloss – Desnudo

You can choose between 4 shades: Serendipity (peach), Desnudo (nude), Lit Up (shimmery bronze) and Camila (pink).

I read that Lit Up is a dupe from the Fenty beauty Gloss bomb! Did you know?

I tried the Desnudo and I loved the color. It’s a nude-Brown color, perfect if you have some tan. It also has an incredible smell, like coconut and chocolat.



Although it’s a gloss, it took forever to disappear from my lips. And after that, I felt my lips very moisturized.

The only con is the application: it’s hard! It has a big applicator like the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb and although the last is easy to apply, this one is not! It tends to pass the line of the lips and to accumulate immense product on that line

Each Lip Gloss brings 0.21 oz. and costs $9.99.


Have you tried any product from this collection? What do you want to try?




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