L’Oréal x Camila Cabello ‘Havana’ | Eyeshadow swatches and GRWM Simple Look

Hello beauties,

On the last post, we showed you some products from the collection that L’Oréal in collaboration with Camila Cabello launched last month (here).

Well, today I put my hands on the work (no pun intended!) and tried all the three eyeshadows that I bought. This is an easy look that can be recreated in minutes.

Remember that I’m not a makeup artist. Hope you like it!


There are four different Havana eye shadows available for sale:

01 In Love is a Pink champagne that’s really pretty to highlight the inner corner.

02 Hot Havana is green with a lot of shimmers.

03 Control is a Brown matte shadow.

04 Oh-Na-Na is a rose/gold/bronze.


I have the number 01, 02 and 04.

First, I prepared mine under eye with a concealer (a new one that I’ve been trying for a week and can’t wait to talk about it). I normally use the concealer under my eye and as a primer for the eye. And in this case, it worked very well because all the shadows have a lot of pigment and don’t need an eye primer (but of course you can use it).

‘Havana’ 04 Oh-Na-Na

Then I applied to the lid the shade number 04 Oh-Na-Na. This eyeshadow has a gold/bronze color, and it’s so beautiful (zero fallout).

This color alone is enough if you don’t have a lot of time or want a simple look. Simply pick this shade (with a finger, if you don’t have in hand a brush) and apply it on the eyelid.

Please forget my brows, they were in need of a good brow product (that I only applied in the end)

Take your time and blend the edges.


You can wet your brush with a setting spray if you want more pigment. But I didn’t feel the need, this eyeshadow is vey pigmented alone.


‘Havana’ 01 In Love

Then I applied the shade 01 In love in the iner corner of the eye, to give a highlight effect and a more open eye effect. You can also apply this shade in the browbone. This shade is truly beautiful and I’m very curious to try it alone. It looks a little holographic when the lights change.


The next step was the Eyeliner. I used the ‘Havana’ Eyeliner. As I said (here) this eyeliner is very easy if you like the ‘cat’ look (the wing is very easy to achieve). The only difficulty is to make a slim line in the lash line (the formula is very liquidy). I forget to say in the last post that this product dries really fast. I really like this product, is probably my favorite from the entire collection.

‘Havana’ 02 Hot Havana

In the next step, I used the eyeshadow 02 Hot Havana, a green eyeshadow with a lot of shimmers, in the lower lid. It’s a little bit difficult to apply because the shimmer trend to fall out to the under eye but nothing major (just brush it in the end).

I finish the look with some eye mascara and it’s done!


A simple look with just 3 eye shadows, eyeliner, and mascara!



Each eyeshadow costs $9.99 but takes a look at some promotions that are available. For example, in my country, you buy 3 products and only pay for 2.


by ARita



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