Face Oils | My top 3

Hello beauties,

In summer I tend to have my combo skin more to the oily side and very dehydrated. Why? Because it’s hot and the sweat of the face along the oil makes us loose water and the skin stays dehydrated.

For as much water I drink, my skin is always dehydrated and that makes me have some dry patches that make me look awful when I apply some foundations, for example.

I have a secret that helps me and it is Faces oils!


When you have oily skin, the tendency is to run from oils but sometimes this type of skin just need a good balance and that passes for a good dose of moisture!

Just to clarify, the use of facial oils does not exclude a good daily cleaning routine and the use of serums and moisturizing creams.

I have three that I like to use all over the year but especially in Summer.


Earth Harbor natural | Calypso


This product is so rich that I only use it once a month and that’s enough to give me enough moisture (just three drops)!

 Earth Harbor natural is an organic, vegan skincare brand with products rich in ocean nutrients and active land botanicals.

This oil is made by a combination of a lot of natural oils and the smell is amazing! Try to use it at night, in the next morning, your skin will be smooth and plump.

If you need more reasons to check their website, let me tell you that they adopted a sea turtle which is so cool, here.


Bodhi & Birch | Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil


This oil is indicated for combination/oily skin and is rich (as the name says) in Tunisian Neroli, rejuvenating Frankincense and restorative Sea Buckthorn oil. A little goes a long way, I still have product even using it almost every week. The best? The smell of Orange blossoms.

I like to use it before the foundation, it’s a good primer and great to balance my combo skin. Although this is an oil, it’s absorbed really fast and you won’t feel it after a couple of minutes.

bodhi & birch is a UK independent, eco-luxury skincare brand. All the products are natural and organic. I advise you to check their website, and prepare yourself to see products with the most beautiful packaging (the quality always blows my mind), here.


Vichy | Ideal body


This product is indicated for the body, hair, and face! It’s three in one! I received the first oil as a gift and then I bought the second one. This is a product that I advice when I’m working and someon asks me for a body oil at my pharmacy. The smell is amazing (very Summery) and it gives my skin the necessary moisture. I feel my skin plumper and beautiful. I also love the fact tha it dries really fast, making it a good product to use at night.

I normally use it one time a week on my face if I feel that I need a good dose of moisture. And almost every day on my legs. It makes the tan last for a lot more time and I love how this makes my skin smooth! here


What’s your favorite face oil? Tell me in the comments down below.





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