L’Oreal | No-makeup Makeup Collection – Worth the Hype??

Hello beauties,

Today I bring you a collection that’s not new but with so many products released, the time is relative. And I didn’t want to pass the opportunity to talk about this L’Oréal collection.


As you see in the title, I’m going to talk about the No Makeup Makeup Collection. L’Oréal launches this collection in Portugal on July and we have been testing the products since then.

‘Combined they allow you to create makeup looks so natural and luminous, they’ll think you woke up like this!’

(L’Oréal Paris)


Ready? Let’s see each product…





I’m a blush fan and I have a soft spot for peach tones. As the name says, this color is really peachy. I feel that peach tones are flatter in tan skins and the rosy tones are best for fair skins (in Winter I always opt for these shades).

This blush has a great pigmentation (I never tried a blush so pigmented) and it’s easy to apply. A little goes a long way because this is really pigmented (you need a light hand) and I think this blush will last a lot of time.

This product smells like peaches! And I love that! Every time I open the packaging, I feel the peach scent, but don’t worry because after a couple of minutes you don’t feel it anymore.

To me, this is the star of the entire collection. I really like this product and I’ve been using it a lot!






I love a good bronzer! My face skin is always very fair because in Summer I have a lot of care with the sun and that results in a face with 2/3 shades lighter than the body skin.

So I use bronzer (almost) every day, it’s a product that I can’t skip or people think that I’m sick or something.

This bronzer has a cold tone and I think this type of shade is better to contour or as a Winter bronzer. In summer I like to use warm tones.

I usually don’t contour so I will probably use this bronzer in Winter. It’s not the most pigmented bronzer and I have to pass the brush on the product several times to see some color in the brush. It’s great if you just want a subtle color or if you have fair skin. It’s also not the easier bronzer to apply because it’s a little difficult to blend.

Both bronzer and blush bring a mini brush in the inferior division and a really good mirror. I don’t use this brush because I don’t like it but it can be helpful for touch-ups during the day.




This liquid highlighter is available in two different shades. The Golden Hours with golden sub-tones and DayBreak with silver sub-tones.

Because I already have one with gold tones and is usually what I buy, I decided to try the Daybreak. That was a mistake that I did, at least for summer. It does not suit my skin, because of the silver sub tones, it´s more for fair skin tones.

I still manage to use it and I honestly can say that a little goes a long way.

you can use in 3 different ways.

  1. like a primer, before foundation all over the face;
  2. as a highlighter, in the high spots of the face to enhance the skin
  3. blending with a foundation, that is really good when you have a matte foundation and you want to give a little glow in a healthy way.

Be careful about managing it, because the formula is really liquid so you can imagine the mess that can happens.



This palette brings 4 different powder highlighters. Honestly, it didn’t bring my attention but I already read good things about it.



This skin tint has the consistency and the coverage of a B.B. cream. I didn’t buy it but I tried on the store. It was simple to apply and it looked good. It’s only available in 4 shades but because it has a B.B. cream consistency, the color easily blends in your own color.

After an hour my combo skin was very oily and shining like a disco ball. So it’s not for me.



Whats your favorite product from this collection?


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