New!! [Nyx] Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquer

Hello beauties,

Last week I went to a Nyx store to check out their new products. I always spend a lot of time at Nyx’s when I go there because they have millions of lipsticks and sometimes that can be a little overwhelming.

After a lot of inner debate, I decided to give a chance to their new Slip Tease Full-Color Lip Lacquer!


Each Slip Tease Lip Lacquer has a cost of $7 (7,50€ in Portugal) and you can choose between 24 different colors (see what I mean when I say that it can be overwhelming?).

I looked at each color for a lot of time, so much that two employees came and asked me if I needed help! Finally, I was only torn between two shades but in the end, I decided with the color ‘Let’s get Physical’ and I was not disappointed!


This is the perfect nude color and I believe that it will look great in almost every skin tone.

When you open it, you immediately feel the smell of mint (reminds mint ice cream) but after a couple of seconds, the smell starts to fade. Sometimes, lip products with mint in their formula have the function of making the lips fuller but I didn’t notice this effect on this particular lip lacquer.

The formula looks like butter and while the applicator may seem a trouble when it comes to the lipstick application, in the end, I find it very easy and precisive.

This is not a gloss, it’s a shiny lipstick, a really pigmented one! I only applied one layer and the color popped up immediately! Great color payoff (after 4 hours, the lipstick was almost exactly the same as when I applied it).

As a first impression, I thought I would not like it because immediately after applying it, the formula looks sticky and I hate sticky lipsticks (sticky lipsticks plus open windows aka car = disaster!). But give it a couple of minutes, let it set and although the shine doesn’t go away (the finish looks like a gloss, a really pigmented one), the stickiness goes away!

I really like how this looks on my lips, it doesn’t make them drier and they look very hydrated and healthy. I don’t like the fact that it transfers to everywhere (caution with white clothes!).


‘Let’s get physical’ without and with flash

I noticed in the store that every sample had product all over the tube and I’m a little afraid that this will happen with mine (I hope that’s because they’ve been very used)!

In the end, I’m curious to try more colors… maybe another nude???



Have you tried these lip lacquers? What’s your favorite color (I need ideas)??



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2 thoughts on “New!! [Nyx] Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquer

  1. Great post! This is such a beautiful shade! It’s like the perfect nude. I’ve never tried these lippys, but i’ll definitely look out for them in store.

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