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In today’s post, we are going to talk about one of the newest products from Pixi beauty – the PixiGlow Cake.

Pixi’s a drugstore brand that has been surprising us with their products – they have such good quality and the price is incredible! Lately, we’ve been receiving more and more Pixi products in Portugal (available at Sephora.pt) but you also can find them on Pixi’s website (here).

A few weeks ago, we received this product from PR but life happens, and we still didn’t had the time to calm down and try the products so we could give you our honest opinion…but now we are!

This product made us go out of our comfort zone because honestly, this is one type of product that we usually don’t use. A three-in-one that individually can be used as a bronzer, blush and, highlight or you can blend it all together and have fun!

‘This silky soft, light-diffusing cheek-glow palette enhances and perfects as it maximizes complexion’s radiance adding a luminous sheer wash of colour’.

Pixi Beauty

The PixiGlow Cake is available in two shades: GildedBare Glow that has nuder/Terracotta undertones, and the PinkChampagne Glow that as the name says, has pink undertones. 

Gilded Bare Glow

PinkChampagne Glow


If you took the time and you’re reading the posts about this product, you probably already saw that according to the beauty community, this product is a dupe for the Kevin Aucoin The Neo Blush (check here). We don’t have the Neo Blush but according to the photos, it does look very similar.


The Pixi GlowCake is sold as $28.00 while the Neo Blush is $37.00. You may think that this Pixi product is a little expensive, but take in consideration that this is a palette that has 3 purposes and it’s big (like the size of your hand).

Final thoughts

The PixiGlow Cake is a palette that’s really easy to use. It’s great to take on a trip because it’s a 3-in-1, and you don’t need to take three different products with you. You can choose between two shades, according to the undertones that you like to see on your skin tone. 

For us, the color champagne Glow is definitely best used as a blush but if you like the pink shades on you then you can definitely also use it as a bronzer. 

I really like the natural glow finish that this product provides. Take the time and build it up, you will end with a beautiful look.

My advice is to apply it with a light hand and build it up according to the level of pigmentation that you desired. I´m really impressed with the quality of this product,  It doesn’t look cakey, stays all day and I like the fact that when blending it all together, the glow doesn’t accentuate the pores like others highlighters do. it also blends well with foundation, not showing smudging.

Can’t wait to bring it with me on a trip, but is also perfect to be on a bag to a quick touch up.

Did you try this product? What do you think about the 3-in.1 type of products?

(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)

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