THE WORST OF BEAUTY 2018 | Or the not-so-great!

Hello beauties,

We pulled together all of the products that didn’t work for us this year and decided to share with you!

The beauty of the makeup, skincare and even hair care is that products that don’t work with someone can work perfectly with another one! So take in consideration that some of these products that didn’t work for us, can work perfectly on you!

With no more delays, here is our not-so-great list…

Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation

It’s with a lot of sadness that I had to add this product to the list of the worst products of the year. This is an expensive Foundation that had everything to be a win-win, it looks great on the skin, you can build it to be a light or a medium coverage Foundation (it has decent coverage, believe me), the scent is also great. But…and it’s a big but,, every time we both use it, our skins break out the next day! it’s horrible. It happened to both of us, so it’s not a coincidence!

Huda Beauty The overachieved concealer

I was a little skeptical about putting this product on this list but after a lot of tries, I had to say that this concealer has a lot of cons. It creases (a lot), adding wrinkles that I didn’t know that I had (you definitely can’t use a setting powder if you have dry under eyes). It also oxidizes, so if you really want to buy one, take that in consideration and buy a lighter shade.

Huda Beauty Baker Powder


I swear that I like Huda Beuty products! They launch such good products this year, but this powder doesn’t work! At least for me! I try it with a few concealers and the skin always looked drier! It crackers the skin in the under eyes.

L’Oréal Paris back to bronze Gentle Matte Bronzing Powder

This product doesn’t work for me, at all. I don’t like how hard it is to take the product on the brush, the pigmentation is bad and the color looks so bad on me.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

This is not a new product but I only tried it this year (shame I know). After so many good things that I heard about this mask…and I don’t like it at all! It’s a mess when I apply it, it’s true that it along the lashes but it gives no volume and I always end with mascara all over my eyes. I like my mascaras drier and this one is always wet!

Yves Rocher Super Mat Zero Shine 12h Foundation

I was very excited to try this Foundation because I like Yves Rocher foundations but this is not good! It looks great when applied but after a couple of hours, it starts to crease and break.

Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co Lip Lights Liquid Matte Lipstick Rue Lagerfeld

This is a color problem. We tried other colors and they look great but the formula and the color of Rue Lagerfeld are bad! after a couple of minutes, it breaks on the lips and looks a mess!

Too Faced Natural nudes Coconut Butter Lipstick

I would love to love these lipsticks, but I don’t. Although they are rich in coconut butter, a good lip moisturizer, they leave my lips so dry and I don’t like how they look on my lips. I think there are much better lipsticks for a lot less Money. The peaches collection lipsticks, for example, are much better!

Essence Colour Correcting

I have some products of Essence that I like, especially their Banana powder but this color correcting doesn´t make anything. If you read the Best of 2018 you will read that I found the perfect one.

L’Óreal ft Camila Cabello Havana Sun-lit bronzer

This was a disappointing product. didn’t work, the way it was supposed to work. Normally, it´s so cakey and a mess to apply. I can use it but alone in a no foundation day and just a little bit, if not I will look like I´m dirty.

Well, another year has passed!

We want to thank you all for this amazing year that we had, thank you for always be here in our blog and we hope to continue to receive all the love through 2019!

I hope everyone has a wonderful year and stay tuned for more about beauty and fashion here on

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Let us know in the comments if some of these products worked with you. And what were your beauty disappointments of the year?

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