HUDA BEAUTY | Amethyst Obsessions Palette – Swatches, Review & Look

Hello beauties,

A few months ago, Huda beauty launched five new mini palettes, inspired on the precious stones (hence the collection’s name).

Well, since I saw the announcement on Instagram, I was pretty much obsessed with the Amethyst palette.


Don’t get me wrong, every palette looks amazing but the Amethyst called my attention, so I was very glad when I received it on Christmas!

Huda’s mini palettes are small but have the perfect size to be on your bag or even to take on a trip.

The amethyst palette has nine different shades but all with the same base color – the purple! I think purple is such a beautiful color to use on winter, don’t you think?


None of the shadows have a name which is a bummer!

  1. Metallic Amethyst
  2. Shimmering Deeper Blackberry Purple
  3. Matte Gray Juice
  4. Matte Blackberry Purple
  5. Brighter Purple Metalic with blue sparkles
  6. Shimmering Grey Purple
  7. Matte Fuschia
  8. Pale Silver Pink
  9. Metallic Neon Fúchsia




Each precious palette retails for $29.99 (in Portugal 29,99€ exclusively on Sephora) and each brings 9 eyeshadows.

After a little math, we see that each eyeshadow costs $3.30, which is a little expensive!


Final thoughts

Like I said, I really like to see purple shadows on winter, I think they can turn a simple look to another level.

Every shadow has such a beautiful color, and I like them all. They applied like a dream, I just noticed some fall out on two shades, but nothing too major.

Some shades require a little more layering but they are all very pigmented and the formula is a dream! You can build it up in seconds! If you ask my advice, I would say that the best is to not apply to much shadow in one time but build it up, little by little.

They also blend very well, I admit that I was a little worry about that, because some purple shades are hard to blend!


Now, the downside. Like I said this palette is expensive. And you can only do a few looks with it, meaning that if I only had this palette in my life, I would have to use purple eyeshadow for my entire life. I also would like to have a different crease color (like a milk chocolate eyeshadow) in this palette.

This is a palette where every shadow is a statement and they call attention whenever or wherever you use them!

Would I be disappointed if it was me spending the money on this palette? Absolutely not!

Now I’m very curious to try other palettes from this collection. What do you think should be my next one?


Let me know in the comments what is your favorite precious stone palette, I would love to know.


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