Beauty products that are in my daily bag – WINTER EDITION & DECLUTTER​

Hello beauties,

A few months ago, I showed you the beauty products that I carry on my daily bag and the reaction was so positive that I decided to show you what I’m currently carrying in my daily bag.

Keep in mind that I love every minute that I can spend in the bed, so sometimes I wake up a little late and I do not have the time to do a full makeup face – this is the reason why I carry so many products with me (at least I keep telling this to myself ahah).

Most of the time, I apply primer, foundation, and powder at home but the last touches I end up giving in the car or even at work.

I do not advise anyone to carry so much stuff, it will add a lot of weight in your bag (bad for your spine, girl), but on the other hand, it is good to be always prepared.

(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)
I used to carry these two eyeliners in my bag but took the benefit ‘They’re real push-up liner’ and today I only carry the Maybelline Master Precise. This is a very good eyeliner, not my favorite but I do like it.

Who carries two mascaras in their bag? Well, I do! But not anymore, I left the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara at home and decided to only carry the Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. This mascara is in travel size and I like to use it for retouches during the day – it’s great if you want a dramatic effect on your eyelashes!

I’ve been accumulating a lot of lip products in my bag. Normally this is the product that I always don’t apply at home, I tend to pick one up and drop it on my bag. By the end of the week, my bag is full of lipsticks! Now I’m only carrying the Fenty beauty Gloss Bomb!

Of course, more Lip products. I used to love the Nyx Slip Tease but this is a product that calls too much attention, it looks like your lips are made of glass. It shines a lot and I don’t use it too many times. For now, it stays in my house. The Essence lip pencil is an affordable product that has a phenomenal formula. You don’t need a $20 lip pencil when you can but this one for $2!
I always like to carry a sample of a bronzer. Normally this is a product that I always apply at home but sometimes during the day, I need to touch up if I’m working more hours than the usual.

A mirror is something that you always need to carry and along with that, I like to have a UV protect sample in the bag, why? To protect my hand skin when I do my nails in the salon.

Here comes my perfume obsession. I like to have always at least 3 samples of perfume with me. I don’t like to use always the same perfume and this way I’m always prepared (we never know…) and I can switch the scents during the day.

This bodhi & birch lemon water hydrosol tonic is great to have on your bag, because one the bottle is not heavy, two it’s great to refresh your skin during the day and finally, three you will see such a difference in your skin and makeup if you use this when you go to the gym or even after a day of work.

What do you carry on your daily bag? I would love to know.


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