KYLIE COSMETICS| Velvet Liquid Lipstick

Hello beauties,

Last month, Joana surprised me with a birthday gift that I loved- a Kylie beauty Velvet Lipstick! I was really curious to try these lipsticks but unfortunately, I had so many problems with ordering products internationally that I was a bit skeptical.


She chose the color Commando, which is a beautiful terracotta beige.

‘The Velvet Liquid Lipstick has high-intensity pigment for a full coverage lip. This long-wearing, ultra pigmented liquid lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients that glide on for a creamy matte look that does not dry down’.

I was so happy that she chose a Velvet Lipstick instead of a matte lipstick because I have really dry lips and for what I read and saw, Kylie’s matte lipsticks are really dry.

The packaging is so cute and the doe foot applicator is also quite nice for a precision application. I also like the sweet smell of lipstick, some people don’t like sweet scents but I don’t mind (in fact, I like it).



Now, the trick! I also like to use this lipstick as a liquid eyeshadow! It looks so gorgeous on the eyes, trust me! It’s easy to apply and you only need your fingers and in one minute you have a good look!

I think that this color used as lipstick looks beautiful on tanned skins but on the eyes, it looks absolutely gorgeous on lighter skins!

I’m zero tanned, it’s winter in here, so I’m using it as eyeshadow the most but believe me, I’m counting the days for the beach so I can gain some color and rock this on my lips! (Sometimes, I use it with a darker Foundation, it’s  my secret).


Each Velvet Lipstick retails for $16.00 and you can check more information, here.


(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link).


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