HUDA BEAUTY | New Nudes vs Ametyst Palette

Hello beauties,

I was a little skeptical on writing this post because I already talked about these palettes individually, but every time I am not sure if I should write or not, I think to myself: ‘If I wanted to buy a Huda palette, would I want to know this?‘. And the answer is Yes!

Recently, my friend wanted a palette with pink/lilac shades and she asked my opinion. I showed her the Huda New Nudes Eyeshadow palette and the Amethyst palette (from the Precious stones collection) and after a couple of minutes, she told me that both palettes are very similar!


Before let’s recapitulate some information about both pallets: the New Nudes brings 17 eyeshadows (18 in total if you count with the concealer) and costs $65 while the Amethyst bring 9 eyeshadows and costs $29.90.


Both palettes bring high pigment eyeshadows and I dare to say that the Amethyst shadows are a little more pigmented than the New Nudes.

To me, the palettes are not alike! It’s true that it has a tone or another that looks the same, but if you see the swatches, the colors are not the same (at all). I try to swatch the shades that look more similar. Check it out!




Final Thoughts

The New Nudes Eyeshadow Palette and the Amethyst Palette are not similar! Point! This is my opinion.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that some brands launch products with ‘brand-new shades’ and when we look closely, we can see that those brands have previously launched the same exactly shade (or very similar), but I don’t think that this is the case with Huda’s palettes.

Saying that let me tell you that both palettes are very pigmented, a little expensive for the market but hey the pigments are there!

While the New Shades have some colors that you can use daily, the Amethyst has shades perfect to a bold look.

You can achieve a good look without not much effort with both palettes…

…But let’s be real, if you want a palette with pink/lilac shades and you don’t want to spend $65.00 on the New Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, you can buy the Amethyst Palette for $30.00 and create some great looks.


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The New Nudes and the Amethyst are not similar! Point! This is my opinion.

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