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Hello beauties,

You know how important is to take your makeup at the end of the day. Some of us look forward to that but if you are lazy (no judgment!), using face wipes may be the easiest way to wash away makeup, sweat, and dirt that can be accumulated during the day!

Today I’m going to talk about a discovery that I made: Primark Makeup Wipes. Primark’s makeup brand is called PS…

I bought the first package just to try and see what was all the hype about it and now I’m hooked! They are very affordable – 1,50€ for two packs! And the best is that they are very good at doing their job. As a plus, the smell is divine!

Deep Clean!

‘Deep cleaning wipes with vitamin E to help purify and revitalize skin’.

These wipes are suitable for normal & combination skin and they are definitely my favorite of them all. So much that I have a lot of them.

If you need more reasons to rush to a Primark, let me tell you that these wipes leave my face clean, smooth and my sensitive skin doesn’t complain at all.


Cool as a Cucumber

‘Cucumber facial cleansing wipes with cucumber extract to help revitalize skin’

These wipes are enriched with cucumber extract and they are suitable for all skin types. I like how cool and fresh these wipes leave my skin.

Gently Does It

‘Gentle facial cleasing wipes with Provitamin B5 to help soothe and restore the skin’

As the name says, these wipes are suitable for sensitive skin. They are very gentle (but they do their job) and I like the scent.

Final thoughts

To me, makeup remover wipes are not enough to clean 100% my skin, I need to use always my Clarisonic. But as the first step of a cleaning routine, these wipes are great. And if you want to cheat (but only one day per week) you can definitely use these.

They are also great if you need to clean something when you are applying makeup.



(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)

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