My top 3 body Creams

Hello beauties,

As a beauty enthusiast I have a drawer full of body creams, but ultimately there’s only a couple of them that I reach almost everytime, more precisely three.


This happens a lot with beauty products and even clothes. We can have a lot of it but there’s always a few that are our favorites. In my case, with the body creams, I like these three because of the scent, the formula and of course the efficacy.

Rituals | The Ritual of Dao Body Cream

Rituals The Ritual of Dao Body Cream (

This is probably my favorite body cream. I can’t find a scent on a body cream that drawn me as much as this one. The entire Ritual of Dao line have the same scent and for me, it’s absolutely amazing! I like to use this body cream at night because it has relaxing properties. The consistency is perfect, and it’s really a pleasure when I apply this cream. I love the fact that I still can feel the scent on the next day and the skin stays very hydrated and smooth.


The Body Shop | Banana Body Butter [new]

The Body Shop Banana Body Butter (beautyworkers,

I bought this body cream recently and it also became one of my favorite products in the blink of an eye. It smells like banana gums. It’s yummy and sometimes I want to eat it (but don’t, please)! What I love the most is the fact that this leaves my skin very moisturized. Since I’m using it, I feel my skin smoother. I think this was a limited summer edition, so if it is still available I will definitely buy another one or two for backup. There’s also a banana body yogurt that I’m currently trying (tell me if you want a post about the differences between the body yogurt and the body cream).


Vichy | Ideal Body

Processed with Rookie Cam
Vichy Ideal Body Body lotion (

I think this is more a body lotion than a body cream. The consistency is a little more liquid than the others two. But I love the scent of this cream. It’s so good! I like to use this when I have a party or when I go out for dinner. It’s the perfect body lotion for summer but you still can use it in the winter, like I’m doing. It’s really good if you have dry skin because it really smooths the skin almost instantly. If you have very dry skin, there’s a body oil from the same line (with the same scent) that I also love to use on my legs for night out.



I really would love to know what’s your favorite body cream. Comment down below.



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