Hello beauties,

Normally when someone talks about Portugal, there are things that immediately comes to the mind, right? Like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mediterranean weather, good beaches, and Porto wine. Well, if you haven’t tried or heard about the last one, shame on you, beauties!

Today, I’m not going to talk about wine, no! But a Portuguese brand (that we can still call new) named Dvine that uses Portuguese ingredients, more properly Douro’s ingredients (the Douro is a river that passes through Porto, the city).

If you need more reasons to check this brand, then let me tell you that all products are enriched with a unique fragrance created from the aroma of the first Port wine of organic production!

Now, are you curious?!

‘DVINE is born from the supreme inspiration of a natural, unique and pure beauty of vineyards cultivated on extensively terraced slopes in the Douro Valley. In this region, the climate, soil and an immense variety of native grape varieties harmonize with the work of Man to produce grapes and wines exceptionally rich in Polyphenols, Flavonoids, and Tannins, full of antioxidants, nutrients and unique aromas that lead skin and soul to the perfection of youthful beauty’.



A few months ago, we received some samples from two different lines: the Light Harvest line (Grape Power Dynamic) and the Gold Harvest line (Invincible Tawny). Let me tell you, both lines are very complete, there’re a lot of products and you can make your entire routine with them.


Light Harvest line (Grape Power Dynamic)


This line is indicated for all skin types. It’s global anti-aging care with Grape Seed Oil bio, Vitamin E and Epilobium extract antioxidants. It also contains matrikins which are bioactive peptides that regulate cellular activity and prevent aging. Rich in Hyaluronic acid (hydrating and reconstituting), Pea protein (revitalizing), and Mullet flower extract (for radiance, firmer, resilient and youthful skin).

I didn´t use it yet, because I´m waiting for the summer to try. If you want I can give you a full review of this line when I have an opinion.


Gold Harvest line (Invincible Tawny)


Unlike the light line, the Gold is indicated for mature or aged skin, with wrinkles, lack of firmness or devitalized.

This line promises a regenerated skin, radiance, firmness, and definition of the contours.

I have been using their day and night cream from this line, and the first thing that I thought when I used it for the first time, is that I really like the scent.

The Divine Golden Harvest day cream is enriched with argan stem cells and also pea protein, that will vitalize the cells of or epidermis and in consequence, will help with the density of the skin. The phytosterols will stimulate the production of collagen and the Vitamin E, Grape and resveratrol will have an antioxidant function. The hyaluronic acid in the composition will hydrate the skin. At last, as the name says, the gold will give luminosity to the skin.

It’s really complete, right?! Well, I have been using it for weeks and first, I noticed some difference in my fine lines and my skin didn’t break out. I have also been noticing more luminosity on my skin.


The Divine Golden Harvest night cream has been one of my saviors of the night. Well at least in terms of moisturizing. It has more quantity of gold than the day cream, so the power of hydration is bigger, and with my winter skin, the moisture is needed. The rest of the components are almost the same as the day cream, so we already expect that is good.

A client on the pharmacy said that I had the skin of a baby, I think this says a lot. I’m turning a D’vine fan!

If you are interested, you should definitely check the Dvine webpage, here.


Comment down below if you already tried a product from this brand.


(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)


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