Bafta & Grammy’s 2019: Best & Worst dressed

Hello beauties,

This past weekend was full of events, starting with the Baftas and ending with the Grammy’s!

The 2019 Grammy’s was full of awkward moments, yes I’m talking about Ryan Seacrest’s red carpet interview moments. First, with Bebe Rexha: after so much time talking about no one would dressed her, he forgot to ask the question that everyone wanted to know, who was the designer that reach out after she made it public (FYI, it was Monsoori). And Lady Gaga’s interview? I never saw such an awkward interview! her face!!!

Then there was the moment when they lived Alicia Keys and she didn’t know (but she was a pro!), Drake’s speech got cut off and Travis/Kylie walked the red carpet after the coverage was over (Smart! They didn’t give interviews, I see the point, Kylie!).

The evening was full of good dresses and we are here to talk about it! And of course, by now you already know that if we talk about the good, we also have to talk about the bad (or as we like to say, the not-so-good).

(note- take into consideration that this is only our opinion)


Grammy’s Best


Bebe Rexha


I’m so glad that some designers didn’t want to dress Bebe because if they did, we couldn’t see the princess of the night. Well done Monsoori.



Dua Lipa


The metallics were a hit in this event. Dua Lipa didn’t disappoint and was amazing in this Versace Couture. Also look at her skin, flawless. Ten points.



Ashlee Simpson


Let’s not look to the pirate that seems like her husband at her side and concentrate in Ashley. Another metallic another Win and this time in pants. I’m not sure if it’s a playsuit or pants and a blouse but looks stunning. Ashley Simpson is wearing Georges Chakra.



Zuri Hall


Stunning, stunning, stunning. This John Paul Ataker looks perfection on Zuri. The color suits her like a glove, the makeup is beautiful and not too much. I love it.



Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga finally I see you. Head to toe perfection. The hair, the makeup and the gown from Celine are just PERFECTO. And like I said, the metallics ruled the Grammy´s 2019 red carpet looks.



Shawn Mendes


When a man enters the best dress of a night, when usually that is ruled by women, I think it says a lot. Well done Shawn Mendes. Can I be your date?!


Grammy’s Worst

61st Annual Grammy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Feb 2019
Katy Perry

Oh, Katy, what were you thinking? She’s so pretty but the dress is not pretty at all! It seems like she has been wrapping paper towels to make that skirt for days… she can´t even touch the body with her arms! I didn’t see her walking, but I imagine something like a penguin…


Toni Braxton


Toni’s has a beautiful voice (who doesn’t remember the Unbreak my heart hit?), and with her age, her body is gorgeous (we wish we have her body at her age), but did she really needed to show everything? We can see everything…


Andra Day

We know that the ’50s are Andra’s style but no…just no!


Tayla Parx

Tayla is even worse than Katy Perry! She took the wrapping Toilet paper to the next level…and the converses were really necessary?


Tierra Whack

No! Just no! Look at her feet! what is that? Could that be the next fashion style: tights on top of shoes? well, we definitely have seen worst!


Hennessy Carolina

Give the girl a break! She forgot her pants and only noticed that on the car, then she thought ‘Let’s go, we don’t have time to go back home! I’m good, at least I didn’t take all night wrapping toilet paper!!’. But at least, the shoes were pretty…




Amy Jackson

I’m probably under a rock but I don’t know who Amy Jackson is, what I know is that she looked absolutely gorgeous. Hair, makeup and dress that no one knows who designed! Please, let us know in the comments if you found out who she’s wearing.


Lily Collins

Lily used this beautiful Givenchy that looks like something else! It’s unusual and we love it! Oh and the royal blue looks gorgeous on her tone skin!


Margot Robbie

Like Lily, Margot decided for an unusual dress and she looks stunning! It’s a Chanel, of course, because Margot lately only wears Chanel.


Michelle Yeoh

I think that I never saw an Ellie Saab dress that I didn’t like. It’s a fact! This one is beautiful and Michelle knows how to use it for sure!



Cate Blanchett

We really like this Christopher Kane dress on Kate! It´s not, love at first sign, but as we see it more, it’s becoming a thing. Cate looks beautiful and lets’s talk about her brunette hair? Gor-ge-ous!



BAFTAs Worst


It’s awkward to say this but it was extremely difficult to choose bad dresses in the Baftas. Just because of this, we think everyone that walked the red carpet should be proud. But of course, there is always a black sheep.


Edith Bowman


Ok. She was cold, we understand that. It’s freezing in London. She passed through her grandmother’s house to bring the sheets of the bed and asked her to make a blouse, but she didn’t have time to do the rest so it stayed without sleeves. To be even more warm, of course, she had to use the gloves.



Lucy Boynton


Poor dear. She went all the way to the Baftas crying in the car because Dior sent her the wrong dress. I think they didn’t understand that she was going to the Baftas.



72nd British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 10 Feb 2019
Cynthia Erivo


What is that?! A mermaid without a tail? I don’t think so. She is so used to dress like crazy characters on the movies that she forgot that this was real life.



72nd British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 10 Feb 2019
Nancy Garcia


Look at Nacy´s face!! Even she is embarrassed with what she is wearing.



72nd British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 10 Feb 2019
Spike Lee


Is he apologizing?! Too much going on. Gold with silver and purple in a weird way. No No No!


Well, what do you think about the looks? Do you agree with our choices or there are more outfits that should be here in your opinion? Let us know.


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