My first Eyelash Lift

Hello beauties,

I did my first eyelash lift and I thought that would be nice to share with you my experience and what is exactly a Lash lift!

There are two types of procedures that we can do when it comes to eyelashes, the lifting or the extension. I wanted to explain to you the difference between both and why I chose the lifting over the extension.

A lash extension is a treatment that consists of applying fake individual lashes one by one. These fake lashes are inserted with a natural glue in our lash line so that it can accompany the natural lash grow.

An eyelash lift is a procedure that consists of a way to enhance the eye without the necessity of extensions. It is done by using a gel with silicon protection that will elevate, curl and make them darker to give the illusion of big and healthy lashes.

I chose to do an eyelash lift because my lashes are not so bad. I have long lashes and I think I can say that they have volume, but in therms of curl, I think they were more to the pointy side, which was making my eyes looking less wide open.

The eyelash lift is really a simple and painless technique that results in long, bulky and curly eyelashes.


In the day of the procedure, it’s importat that you don’t have any makeup on your eyes. You will be asked to lay down in the marquise and close your eyes during all the procedure. It takes one hour.

This procedure uses different gels, eye pads, silicon pads, and other products. I took some pictures while I was doing the procedure to see what the technician was using but also to show you, my beauties! As you can imagine, I was with my eyes closed, so I’m sorry for the photos quality, it’s hard to take photos to ourselves without seeing what we are doing, right?


The procedure, as I said before, is painless but the technician will be asking you if you are okay or if you are feeling some kind of irritation. That is because some serums can produce irritation to some kind of people. And if it’s the case for you, they will give you a fan to help with the discomfort. I didn’t feel anything at all.


At the end of the procedure, the technician will explain to you some cares that you need to have, especially in the first 24/48 hours. The cares are really simple and nothing that is impossible to apply in our lifestyle.

Types of cares:

  1. In the first 24 hours, you can’t wash your eyes. In the last case, use pads and avoid touching the lashes;
  2. Don’t touch your lashes, especially in the first 24 hours;
  3. Comb the lashes with an appropriate tool that the technician will give to you as much as you can;


Now the final result.


As you can see by the photos, the difference is amazing. My lashes look bigger and darker making a much more (sexy) eye.

I absolutely recommend you to do this procedure. It won’t damage your lashes. you will have a natural look that is perfect for an every day look. I just use mascara when I’m going out or want something more dramatic, and for that, I trust my beloved Chanel mascara (Click here).

The eyelash lift has a duration of 6-8 weeks, depending on your lashes. The lift itself doesn’t need maintenance, but our lashes have a time of life of 6-8 weeks so you will need to do the lift to the new lashes.



Did you do some kind of procedures? I would love to know, maybe I will experience some of them

(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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