CLARINS Supra Volume Mascara

Hello beauties,

Did I need another mascara? Definitely, no and the proof is in the one hundred mascaras that I already have on my drawer (some of them still to open) but I was invited to Clarins makeup day and I fell in love with the Supra Volume mascara.


Let me explain, last month I received an invite to try the new Clarins 2019 Spring Makeup Collection and I immediately said yes. The brand saleswoman did a full makeup on me and taught me some secrets that I loved and use today! She used the Supra Volume Mascara on me and I really liked how it looked!

This is not the most expensive mascara that’s on the market (check our post about the new Chanel mascara here if you didn’t read) but it’s not a drugstore price. It retails for 29,55€/£22/$28 and it brings 8 ml (0.2 Oz.).

‘Creates fuller, beautifully enhanced lashes with a formula enriched with panthenol and cassie flower wax to care for your lashes’.

The packaging is simple but really pretty. It comes in a gold tube that has the perfect size to be carried on the bag. Lately, I noticed that some new mascaras come in really big tubes that are not practical to carry.


The wand has the typical volume mascara shape, nothing new, but combined with the formula, I can see differences when compared with other volume mascaras. I like how it leaves my lashes really black and with a lot of volume! It’s also very easy to apply multiple coats without making a mess!

I normally apply this mascara in the morning and when I arrive home, I still have mascara on the right place and in really good shape (no panda eyes).

It has an applicator in bristles that I prefer to plastic ones that can sometimes hurt the eyes. It’s not waterproof but unless you rub your eyes vigorously, it won’t smudge.

It has a faint scent but nothing that makes a big difference. According to the website, the formula contains Cassia flower wax for instant volume and intense color. With regular application, the Volume Boost complex increases the volume of your lashes by 17.6% (according to a clinical study after 4 weeks).

I’ve been using it for more than a month and can’t say that I see enormous differences on my lashes, what I did notice is that before using this mask my lashes fell a lot more! I can be wrong but I also notice my lashes stronger and a little longer.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and this mascara is a pain in the a** when it comes to removing. I use a biphasic makeup remover indicated for the eyes and it takes me so much time to take the mascara off. The best way is to use an eye makeup remover in cream. Sometimes I think that I took it all, but then I rub the eyes and I notice that I still have mascara. It’s understandable because I can’t have a mascara that lasts all day, like this, without expecting difficulties to take it off at the end of the day…

Well, beauties, do I like this mascara? Yes, a lot! This is THE mascara that I’ve been using every day! Will I buy it again when it’s over? It’s difficult to say because every day there’re new mascaras that promise new things but if I continue to notice differences in my lashes then I will definitely buy this again!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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