La Mer event

Hello beauties,

I was invited to try the new product of La Mer: Le Concentrate and I also had the opportunity to try a full facial using all La Mer products. How lucky I am, right?!


Let’s begin…

The first step, of course, was the Cleansing Micellar Water ($95) to remove all the makeup that I had on that day and clean the skin; The sensation of this micellar water in the skin  was really good, I felt a soft sensation while the disk was passing through my skin and after it, I felt my skin clean and refresh.

After cleaning the face I had the opportunity to try the Replenishing oil exfoliator ($125) and mama mia I loved this step. This product is an exfoliator with an amazing scent. I wanted to eat it. The spheres are made of sugar and salt crystals and they are hard. You can feel the physical exfoliation being done, but not in a bad way because it has Miracle Broth oil that will revitalize the skin and smooth it. I’m sure that sensitive skin can also use this product.

The La Mer assistant realized that my skin is very dry skin so the third step was The Intensive Revitalizing Mask ($170). This is a hydrating mask that also refreshes and protects the skin against external agents. It is constituted with a cellular renovation Miracle Broth that will renovate the skin.

I stayed 10 minutes enjoying this mask in the La Mer cabin and then it was time for the next step, the Treatment Lotion ($150). 

This is a skin preparation for the rest of the treatment, it helps the next creams to penetrate better onto the epiderm to enhance the effect of them. It works as a tonic. The secret that I learned at this event was to use our hands to apply this product because it penetrates better and the product will last more time.

And now I’m so excited to talk about the next step, that was the application of the product that this event was about, that is the Concentrate ($370).

This is more than a serum, the La Mer assistant explained to me that this is used like a treatment that we can do 2/3 time per year to renew the skin. It’s like an antidote. I loved the consistency and the scent. Honestly, I can say that the La Mer products have one of the best scents of all the skincare that I tried.


Unfortunately, I was almost at the end of my treatment, the next step was the eye cream. And after a couple of questions, we decided to use the Eye Concentrate ($215), because it’s the best for dark circles and also hydration. The next day, I still felt my under eyes smooth and less dark, so I really enjoyed this eye cream.

The last step was, of course, the best seller of La Mer, the product that everyone talks about, the Crème de La Mer ($175).

I had never tried this cream, and now I can understand all the talking around it. That is a good moisturizing cream with a protective effect. Anti-aging and also renovation.


My skin at the end of the treatment


And with this, my appointment ended. I loved this experience and no I didn’t leave with empty hands. I received some goodies in travel size like you can see in the picture and I also bought a product.


I have a challenge for you, I bought a product that I tried and loved, just one because La Mer is extremely expensive. The challenge is this; can you guess which product I bought? Write your guesses in the comments below and one of the next posts will be the full review and honest opinion of that product with more than a month of use.




(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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