I went to Zara again…this time in another country!

Hello beauties,

I cried last time but there I was again at Zara and this time in a different country! Yes, I had a mini vacation and I decided to go to Istanbul. I loved it and was everything that I needed! Well, my wallet doesn’t agree but sometimes we just need to ignore the cry…

A friend said to me that Istanbul Zara’s are bigger and better than the ones from my country (if you don’t know, I live in Portugal) and after all my Zara love is written in here, I had to go there and see for myself!

Well, the Zara that I went to was enormous! I think that after all, I controlled myself because all I wanted was to bring the entire store with me. The new Spring collection is really complete and great for transitioning seasons. It has a lot of pieces for warm weather but also a lot that works for winter temperatures. It was an act of kindness from Zara because the weather has been crazy.

I just bought four things so hurray for me!!

The first thing that I bought was a pair of sunglasses (15,95€). I always find difficult to find sunglasses that look good on my face shape but I can say that these were love at first sign and I really like how they look on me.


Then I bought a simple T-shirt (12,95€). Well, simple if you take the bold color and all that… I have to say that the color was what made me buy this piece of clothing. I really like to use bold colors like fuchsia in spring/summer!


The third piece of clothing that I bought was a pink metallic knitted sweater (25,95€). My excuse for this sweater was the cold that I was not expecting (and I didn’t take super warm clothes with me) but the real reason was the fact that I think this sweater absolutely gorgeous! I just wish it was a little bit longer. The metallic is a beautiful detail and it is what steps up the game in this sweater.


Finally, I bought a pair of baggy jeans  (29,95€) that are so trendy! They are perfect for spring/summer and I really like how they look on me. They have an elastic waist that makes them perfect!


I would love to say that I only bought these but I went to other stores and bought some other things but overall I’m pretty impressed with me, I was controlled and didn’t lose my head (better say, wallet).


Let me know in the comments what is the thing that you bought on vacations that you absolutely love? And regret?



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