New!! MY CLARINS RE-MOVE purifying cleansing gel

Hello beauties,

Last month on a visit to Sephora to buy a pack of my usual cleansing gel, I was introduced to Clarins’ new skincare range: My Clarins.

This range is completely Vegan-Friendly: free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates – for purifying skin and defying shine to visibly reduce the look of blemishes and pores. My Clarins is also free of all animal-derived ingredients and was not tested on animals.

As I said here on the blog, brands that care about the ingredients and especially where they come from and where are tested is something that I give more and more value and priority. I admit that I still use too many branded products that do not have these concerns, but I am trying to change it day by day.

In the My Clarins range, we can find products for a complete skincare routine. In the store that I went, I was presented with some products such as the purifying cleansing gel, the cleansing milk munch, the hydration cream, the hydrating beauty mist, and a relaxing sleeping mask. From what I realized, there are more products but the store in question only had these at that moment.

Of all these products, the purifying cleansing gel was what most made me curious, and I ended up leaving the store with my usual product and two samples of this new cleansing gel!

When it comes to cleansing gel I always have some fears, this is because some so-called ‘purifying’ products tend to leave my oily skin with a feeling of dryness and often feels like something is pulling/pushing my skin.

Bringing samples before buying the product is always a wise choice if there is an opportunity of course!

Let’s talk about this product:

‘A fresh floral foaming cleansing gel for clean, clear, balanced skin. Transforms into a silky lather with water and removes makeup, impurities, and excess oils. Respects skin’s natural moisture balance and helps protect it from the drying effects of hard water’.


What does it promise?
  • Gently removes make-up, impurities, and excess oil
  • Visibly reduces the look of pores
  • Protects skin against the drying effects of hard water

Leaves skin radiant, smooth, shine-free and refined.

  • pollution-fighting Moringa extract
  • purifying Meadowsweet extract
  • softening Organic Bitter Orange Flower Water.



My thoughts…

The gel has a blue frosted color that I was not expecting on a natural product, it’s almost sparkling! Is it just me that expects natural products to be transparent with no color, sparkles or scent? When this doesn’t happen, I normally take one step back and give a good look at the ingredients.

But lookings apart, I like the fact that I do not feel an intense fragrance but rather a very soft one.

I’ve been using it for over two weeks and the samples are coming to an end. I have used it every day with my cleaning machine.

I usually give preference to gels that make a lot of foam, maybe because I feel like this type of gel performs a deeper cleaning, but that’s not always the case. My Clarins purifying cleansing gel does not make too much foam, but I do have the feeling of clean skin when I use it.

The only downside to this gel, to me, is the fact that I feel that I need to use more than the recommended. I always end up using a lot of product, and this can become a waste, besides that, it is very expensive to spend so much product.

I admit that sometimes I still feel some pulling skin effect at the end of my cleaning routine, but nothing strong, just a subtle feeling. At this time, the weather is warmer and I feel my skin more oily at the end of the day and using this gel makes me feel my skin cleansed and with dry but not drier skin, if you know what I mean.

I think oily and combined skins (perhaps normal skin too) will like this product a lot.

Will I buy the normal size packaging? I’m very tempted. I think when my usual gel runs out, I’m going to invest in this.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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