Pixi by Petra Reflex Light Palette

Hello beauties,

Last month we received a packaging from Pixi with their two new eyeshadow palettes, we even talk about both here in a general way. But today I want to give you my full opinion on the Eye Reflection Shadow Palette: Reflex Light.


In a few words, I’m completely and utterly in love with this palette! I can say that I have used it practically every day.

I always liked eyeshadows with some bright in them and I was never afraid to wear them, even in a simple daytime look I always like to add some sparkle or a little metallic, but I admit that I never thought I would use this palette so much.


The palette brings 12  eye shades that are very creamy, pigmented and very blend-able! I only have some problems with one shadow – Cocoa Glaze – it’s a little patchy and it takes more time to blend. The other eleven are a dream!

These eyeshadows are incredibly rich in pigment and payoff. The 3D effect adds depth and dimension, to really brighten and bring the light to the eye area!

The shadows contain:

  • Vitamin E that nourishes & protects
  • Mica that provides brilliant luster
  • Skin conditioning emollients derived from plants smoothes & hydrates

I also love how I can create so many looks with this palette for both day and night! The colors suit my skin very well!

I normally use a brush to apply the shadows but if you want more pigmentation then my advice is to wet your brush or use your finger. I can see the color popping when I use the finger to apply it, you’ll notice a big difference.

Some of the lighter shades can also be worn as highlighters on the cheekbones, it’s a two-in-one.

The packaging is the simple but effective and beautiful type of packaging that Pixi already accustomed us. It doesn’t bring a mirror but you know that Pixi prefers good quality products on a good price over overwhelming packaging at expensive prices. I don’t mind about that! I like over the top packagings but I love more when the product itself is good, and this one is!


You can buy it on Pixi’s website or in stores, there are available three different palettes from this collection and each one costs £24! Unfortunately is still not available in Portugal, but when it comes, my advice is to run and buy the Reflex Light!





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