[Clarins] Multi-Active Night | I like it, what about you?

Hello beauties,

Last year I talked about one of my favorite moisturizer for summer (here) and a few months ago I talked about how much I like the Clarins Pore Control Serum (here). I noticed that I’ve been adding more and more Clarins’ products to my skincare routine and I’m loving it.


This time, I bring you one of their night cream, the Clarins Multi-Active Night.

I was looking for a night cream for the firsts fine lines because I’m almost 30 years old and my skin overall suffers from daily stress (as my brain!)! Yes, I’m young but we have to start yearly! And this is not my first wrinkle cream and not my expensive one (check here).

But I’m one step ahead, so let me take a step back and first talk about what this cream promises and other things that we need to know about it.

‘Short nights, interrupted sleep…stress and lack of sleep leave their mark on your face. Technology inspired by the latest scientific advances combined with the power of plants visibly reduces the look of fine lines, boost radiance, moisturizes and promotes youthful-looking skin for a longer time.’

Clarins Multi-Active Nuit 50mL – 70€

Their two main natural ingredients are:

Organic California poppy extract, a flower that closes at night to regenerate itself, helps absorb the visible harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep. Skin loos rested and more toned upon waking. Fine lines appear visibly smoothed.

Teasel extract helps boost the radiance of tired, stressed skin night after night.

There’s two diferente formulas of this cream, one for normal/combination skin and another for dry skin. My skin is between combo and oily type so obviously, I’m using the first – a texture more light.

When it comes to results with skincare it can depend on plenty of variables, for example, the skin type, age and condition of the skin, but it can be relative and two people with the same age and skin type can both use the same cream and one of them love it and the others doesn’t.

If you check for reviews online, people are pretty divided with this product, some love this cream and others almost hate it (maybe a little too harsh, some people don’t like it. It’s better saying that way).

I really like it, and I have to say that although this is a little expensive, I think that it’s worthy.


The packaging is really beautiful. It comes in a blue and heavy jar, like all Clarins’ creams. The scent is really good. It’s not too strong but very pleasant and luxurious. The scent is a thing that I really like in this cream.

Before I bought the real size, I tried a sample because my skin type doesn’t always like every night cream. I had my quote of night creams and the main problem that I noticed is in the next morning when I wake up with my skin very oily.

I don’t feel the skin oilier in the next day and at night I do feel my skin very comforted. I also noticed that this cream does kinda a ‘blur’ on the pores and on the aspect of the skin in general.

It contains three types of acids: citric acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid (although they’re almost at the end of the ingredient list).

I read some complains online, where people say that this cream didn’t provide enough moisture, but I see myself with oily skin and I think this indeed provides enough moisture for me. Of course, if my skin is pretty dehydrated or if you have normal skin type, then you will definitly beneficiate with another boost of hydration (but there’s where the hydrating masks enters). But in my opinion, even then if you have a regular skin care routine and use a good moisturizer in the morning, you will have no problems with this product (even in a normal type of skin).

Another complaint was the fact that people didn’t see differences in the skin – I only saw big differences in my skin after using it after a couple of months. There’s no miracle cream and all of them need some time to do their job.

Do I see a difference in my fine lines? Yes, I do. My smile lines are not so prominent and the skin looks more plumped. I still have some lines on my forehead but I think there’s no cream that can take them away.

When it comes to skincare, I’d rather save some money so I can buy a cream that is more expensive but that I know I’ll see results. My advice is that if you are looking for a night cream for the firsts lines, ask for a sample (at Sephora for example) and see if you like it but I think you will.

For curiosity, did you know that beneath its prickly exterior, the teasel (one of the ingredients of this cream) has the nicknamed of “Venus’ Basin” after the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the water that collects in its curved leaves was used in antiquity as beauty water.


What’s your favorite night cream? What is the one that you are currently using?


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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