How to achieve that golden bronzed tone

Hello beauties,

In summer I love it when my skin gets that golden bronze color. My skin is very clear and I admit that I like to see myself a little tanned, I think sometimes my light tone makes me look a bit ‘sick’ (a lot of people say that to me). But I admit that long days toasting at the sun are not my cup of tea, and because of that I only go to the beach it the morning and afternoon after 4p.m, I’m also very careful and I always use a sunscreen.

As I told you, my skin has a very light tone and I have a lot of difficulties getting a tan, my skin tends to turn red, but the red goes away after a few hours.

To achieve that gold tone that I like, I discovered two products that help me a lot. They are different but both work- and that’s what we want!


It’s the Sephora Gradual Self-tanning Body Lotion and the Rituals The Ritual of Karma Self-tanning Body Lotion.

Let’s see each one individually.

Sephora Gradual self-tanning body lotion

‘Day after day, it confers luminous, sun-kissed color for ultra natural results and an even glow. DHA in combination with glycerin, provides moisture to the skin all day long. It is smoother, suppler and softer’.


Its pearly, non-greasy texture is never sticky. It penetrates rapidly and is easy to apply for a flawless streak-free tan.

Apply evenly over entire body. Use daily until you have obtained the desired shade, then space out application to maintain the color.



Rituals The Ritual of Karma self tanning body lotion

‘Self-tanning body lotion with Organic White Tea & Ginkgo Biloba. A moisture-regulating formula with natural vitamin E that hydrates the skin while giving it a radiant tan’.


Is quickly absorbed into the skin, non-sticky, and spreads easly for an even tan.

Apply evenly on dry and clean skin. Rub the lotion throughly all over, allowing it to be completely absorbed by your skin.

I like both products but if I had to choose…

Packaging X
Scent X
Absorbion X
Price/Quantity of product X
Results Immediates Long time


With Sephora’s lotion, on the second day you can see a little difference, but don’t worry it’s not a big difference, you can see your skin a little more golden, also because this product leaves a little bit of shimmer in the skin. Then when you are happy with the risult you just need to stop using it. For example, I used it for a week (every day), then on the nex week I use it day on day off, and now I use once a week.

The Rituals, it’s great to use after a day on the beach, it really helps maintain the color and it hidrates a lot. You can use it everyday.

There are other secrets, like drink always a lot of water so you skin maintains its healthy and eat orange fruits/vegetables (carrots, mango), they’re rich in beta carotenes that are rich pigmented and help your skin with Vitamin A, helping you achieve a bronze.


Leave in the comments your secret to a bronzed skin, I would love to know!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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