SEPHORA Algae face mask

Hello beauties,

Give me an Aleluia because it’s been a while since the last time that we talked about a face mask!

Today we bring you a Summer mask because the hot weather (finally) came to Portugal and it will stay (hopefully)! It’s the Sephora Algae face mask.


This is a mask for purifying and detoxifying thanks to marine algae, extremely rich in vitamins and mineral salts, making it a precious resource for the skin.

‘A «second skin» plant-derived fiber support, a thirst quenching texture and concentrated super-ingredient formulae for visible results in just 15 minutes. A shot of serious skincare and fun!’

This mask:

  • Eliminates impurities that cause dullness
  • Instantly detoxifies the skin
  • For a complexion that is visibly clearer and more radiant.

How to use it:

  1. Unfold the mask and peel off the colored film.
  2. Apply the mask to clean, dry skin.
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes, remove the mask and massage any excesso product into the skin.
  4. No need to rinse.



In little letters you can read that they advice the use of this mask two times a week but that’s expensive because this is a single use mask, meaning that if you want to use more you need to buy another. I don’t like this part, it’s not practical and like I said, expensive.

I like to sue these type of mask (tissue masks) once in a while because it’s a treat that I like to give to my skin, not a type of thing that I have the time or honestly patience to do twice a week.

What I like about it?

It’s easy to use, it requires 15 minutes with a tissue mask on the face but like I said is a treat and it gives you 15 minutes to stay quiet and enjoy the time out.

It’s really refreshing! Perfect to use with hot weather, you’ll feel the skin much more cooler and the feeling it’s quite pleasant. I used it on a hot day and the feeling of this mask on my skin immediatly cooled the skin and I felt my skin instantly hydrated.

I like the scent, it’s soft and pretty good when you know that you will have to have the mask for 15 minutes on your skin.

The film is pretty easy to take off, I often have a lot of difficulties when it comes to take the film of these type of masks, but this one is by far the easiest that I tried.


What I don’t like?

The holes for the eyes are very small, it’s impossible that some part of the mask don’t touch your eyes and let me tell you, it burns a little when the product gets in the eye!

It’s not a mask that you forget that you have on and although it came with a lot of product, it takes a little work until the mask adheres perfectly to the skin but I think it’s because of the size and the placement of the holes.


Do I see a lot of differences? ehh, I feel my skin ‘clean’, do you know that feeling? Looks like I give it a good cleaning and I also feel it more light, maybe because of the cooling effect.

I don’t feel the skin oilier, it’s not mattified but it’s hydrated and glowing in a good way. Just because of that, I like this mask.

I do advice this mask, if you want to pamper a little your skin, it’s the perfect mask to do in summer, on vacations or even after vacations to give your skin a boost and a better looking appearance.



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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