My experience with Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria

Hello beauties,

On today’s post, I’m going to talk about my experience of buying my first Aqua Allegoria. If you don’t know, Guerlain launched its first collection of fragrances in 1999. Today this collection has nine different scents but each one has the same key ingredient: bergamot, a precious citrus fruit, also known as “Calabrian green gold”.

‘ These Eaux de Toilette have the freshness of cologne and the touch of a Guerlain perfume. For each creation, Guerlain Perfumer displays one or two raw materials, drawing their originality from the unique alchemy of bergamot’.

This summer, Guerlain launched three new colognes: Ginger Piccante, Flora Cherrysia, and Coconut Fizz.

aqua alegoria

Coconut is another word for summer, so I went to the store decided to buy the Coconut Fizz. I love the scent of coconut and this one is absolutely lovely. You can feel the coconut scent but it’s not too strong or too sweet like it happens with 99% of the coconut perfumes. It’s a perfume of coconut for rich people, do you understand what I mean?

I noticed in the store that after a couple of minutes I stopped feeling the scent on my skin, but two of the saleswomen swore to feel it on my skin and when they gave me a coffee to clean my nose, I started feeling it again. I bought it.

On the next day, I didn’t open the packaging and decided to use one of the samples that the lady gave to me. I used the entire sample on me, and in the first couple of minutes I loved the scent, it was everything that I wanted. I was so surprised when after half an hour I didn’t feel anything. In order to be able to smell something, I had to brush my nose against my clothes and yet the smell was very faint.

I was so disappointed (and I still am), this is not a cheap product, on the contrary, it is quite expensive. That day I left work, I decided to go back to the store with the perfume still closed and the invoice. After exposing the case, the lady of the store swore to smell the perfume on me.

I left the store with a new aqua Allegoria and I’m pretty sure that the store lady thought I was crazy.

Like everyone, I use perfumes for others (I can’t lie) but I use mostly for myself because I really like to feel and smell the scents on me. I was very sad but ended up changing it for the Flora Cherrysia.


Unlike what happened with Coconut Fizz, I do feel the Flora Cherrysia scent, even after a couple of hours, but I must confess that even then the longevity is not what I expected from an $80 perfume.

The Aqua Allegoria smells like rich people because the scent is not too strong but you can feel it if you are close to the person and the Flora Cherrysia is the proof. It’s a really pleasant scent and I’m overall happy with my choice.

It’s a bummer that my nose crashes with the Coconut Fizz after a couple of minutes because I really loved what I felt in the first minutes.


The principal ingredients of Flora Cherrysia are Watermelon, cherry blossom, white musks. This is the perfect perfume to Spring/summer and if you like cherry perfumes and light scents, then you will love it.

There are a total of nine Aqua Allegorias: Bergamote Calabria, Ginger Piccante, Flora Cherrysia, Mandarine Basilic, Rosa Rossa, Coconut Fizz, Teazzurra, Limon Verde and Pera Granita.

The best of these colognes is that you can combine more than one option and apply to your skin one by one in equivalent amounts, creating your own mixture of scents.

The bottles are beautiful with its golden mesh, its pure and refined bottle is a tribute to the famous Bee bottle, but what we could expect from Guerlain then a beautiful bottle?

Is it worth buying it? I don’t know, it all depends on your nose. Mine doesn’t work with the Coconut Fizz, and I was expecting more longevity from both- Flora Cherrysia and Coconut Fizz- although Cherrysia has better longevity. Guerlain promised the freshness of cologne and the hold of a Guerlain perfume. You have the freshness but the hold is not what I would like. But I’m still curious to try the other scents, perhaps the longevity changes.

You can choose between a bottle with 125mL ($105) or 75mL ($80).


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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