Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum | 7 days routine experience

Hello beauties,

I’ve been wanting to try Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique serum for a while, first because all the bloggers talk well about it and second because my skin really likes Lancôme products – one of my favorite foundations is the Lancome Teint Idole Wear (check post here).

Due to its popularity (brand and range), ingredients and even promised effects, this serum is a very expensive product (check out the prices at the end of the post, if you don’t believe it).


This is sold as a product for all skin types, a fast-acting anti-aging skin serum that instantly makes skin feel hydrated, smooth and soft, revealing more radiant skin in seven days.

Yes, seven days! I had the luck to receive a few samples of this serum in my last Sephora purchase, and I have enough product to see if after seven days I see some differences on my skin.

‘ No skincare routine is complete without a face serum. In just one bottle, this powerful anti-aging skin treatment, which contains Bifidus Prebiotic, targets the key signs of youth in just seven-days: radiance, tone, elasticity, smoothness, and firmness.

With newly tested efficacy, this hydrating serum helps to accelerate skin surface recovery and strengthen the moisture barrier. The Advanced Génifique bottle also features an innovative self-loading dropper for the perfect usage amount/per application’.




I really like the lightweight texture and the silky feeling of this serum, it’s not sticky and really easy and pleasant to spread on the skin. This product doesn’t just ‘sit’ on my skin, it’s always fully absorbed. It doesn’t leave the skin tacky or greasy.

It has no smell, which I don’t mind because I always use a moisturizer (that has a scent) on top of the serum.



After a week using this product my skin looks and feels smoother, more even-toned and way more radiant then a week ago. I can’t give an honest opinion about this product and its effect on wrinkles because I don’t have many (maybe one or two from the smile) but I can say that my skin feels firm,  is really hydrated and don’t feel heavy.



The ultimate question is, it is worth the money? Yes, it is. This is a really expensive product and that’s really sad. If I won the lottery I would shower with this serum. I really enjoyed this product and believe me when I say that I will save all the euros I can to buy the real size.


1 oz /30mL – $78 (77€)

1.69 oz/ 50mL – $105 (115€)

3.38 oz/ 100mL – $178 (not available in Portugal)



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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