MondayMask: Earth Harbor Blue Nami

Hello beauties,

For this MondayMask, I´m going to talk about (as the title says) the Blue Nami from Earth Harbor.

Earth Harbor is a familiar brand to us, you can check here and here our opinion about some products that we tried of this brand.


“Blue Nami Marine Perfecting Mask was created to beautify and soften skin with a wave of nourishment. Excellent to use before an evening out or whenever your skin needs extra TLC.”

Who doesn’t need some TLC???

The Blue Nami mask are meant to:

  • smooth the skin;
  • even the texture;
  • undull the skin;
  • minimize the pores;
  • anti-pollution;
  • bright the skin;
  • nourish the skin.


Now let’s have a look in the main ingredients:

  • Blue Algae: the first function of this ingredient is to firm and tighten the skin through the interior, in the cellular level. it also provides freshness and rejuvenates the skin through amino acids that contain.
  • Indigo root: smoothe and clean the skin while it tight the pores. it also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects to leave the skin clean and healthy.
  • Coconut cream: moisturize the skin while it also smooth, soft and clarify the skin.
  • Kaolin + Bentonite clay: this duo gives the skin minerals galore that are what will make the skin look smoother and refreshed. this duo also detoxifies the skin, getting out of the skin the toxins and impurities. leave the skin brighter.
  • Vegan MSM: it´s the boost of collagen and keratin that the skin needs. anti-aging properties. helps combat the dry skin but also the acne because of the anti-inflammatory properties.


Mode of application

The mode application can be divided into 2 segments. the preparation and the actual application.

  • preparation:
    • mix 1-2 tsp with some drop of water until you have a paste formed.


  • application:
    1. with a mask brush or your fingers massage the paste in circular motions into your skin;
    2. leave the mask for 5-10 minutes;
    3. remove with warm water;
    4. splash the face with cool water.

The brand says that to get the best results we should use it 2-3 times per week in an oily to combination skin and 1-2 per week if we have dry or sensitive skin.

This mask has a bonus: it can be used as a cleansing powder! Forgot your cleansing gel and you just have this mask on your hands? Don’t worry! You just need to put 1 tsp in your hand and add drop by drop water to create a frothy consistency. Massage this paste in circular motions on the skin and then rinse.


My thoughts…

The first thought that I can remember to say, is that it’s a messy mask. Not easy to do because you’ll get powder everywhere. This is not the most practical mask to do, especially if you don’t have a lot of time.

The second thought is about the scent. it´s a strong one. Maybe there are people that won’t like it. Earth harbor says that it smells like a lime-coconut pie, I don’t agree, maybe it´s my nose but for me, it smells like a bad perfume. the scent stays on the skin even after you rinse the mask.

In terms of the actual application, after the paste is made it´s easy to apply. I used my habitual mask brush and it applied heavenly. You feel the tightness of the mask almost immediately after the application and for me it was a little weird because this is a nourishing mask. I was not expecting a strong feeling of dryness.

Now the actual results. I was not expecting either what I saw and felt. After removing the mask I looked in the mirror and I actually could see my skin more brightening, smooth and cleaner. like it was even lighter, not in the way that it took of the tan but in the way that is more luminous and fresh. The sensation was of a clean face but also smoother. I didn’t felt  it rigid or too tight.


So what is my actual position with this mask?! I really like the results and for the benefits that I saw, I´m sure I´m going to keep using it. Not all weeks because I unfortunately don’t have time but overall I’m really impressed with the results.

it´s BeautyWorkers approved!


Are you interested in try the Earth Harbor Blue Nami. You can buy it at Earth Harbor website here for $22.00 and each jar brings 60g.



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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