PIXI pHenomenal Gel REVIEW

Hello beauties,

As you may notice by now, we are on the PR list of Pixi beauty since last year. We receive some products from time to time and this one belongs to the Spring 2019 collection.

The pHenomenal Gel belongs to Pixi’s Spring 2019 Collection

I’ve been trying the pHenomenal Gel for some time to give you my final and honest opinion.

The pHenomenal Gel is what they call a neutralizing moisturizer, ideal to be used after cleansing and created to restore moisture and balance the skin pH.

What it says…

‘Soothing gel helps to balance and stabilize skin pH. For all skin types. Use a coin size amount daily after cleansing and toning or as needed.’

It contains, among others, three key ingredients:

  • HORSE CHESTNUT Soothes & smoothes
  • ALOE VERA Soothing & calming
  • CITRIC ACID Balances & brightens

What I think about it…

I understand Pixi’s idea. The plan is to clean the skin (stripping it from the oils), use the glow tonic (rich in glicolic acid) and then use this cream that in theory will balance the skin.

Unfortunatly, I had to learn when and how to use this moisturizer. I didn’t like it the first week that I use it. I tried this cream for the first time in the beginning of summer, which is not the best weather to try it if you have oily skin. Then because it took me some time to learn the right amount of cream that is right for me.

I used this moisturizer every day at night (after cleansing and the glow tonic) and learned that it doesn’t work for me because after a few hours my skin looked like a disco ball. I’m no John Travolta in Night fever! If you have this type of skin, you know how bad it when we feel the skin like that. NO No.

So how did I learn to like to use this cream, yes because today I can say that I really like this cream. First, they advice to use a coin size of cream but for me a really small coin size (and sometimes less) is enough.

Second, I only use this cream twice a week at night, yes, only twice: on the days I do physical exfoliation and occasionaly when I do a stripping cleansing.

The amount of product that I’ve been using

The consistency is like a gel but really rich when you apply on your skin, which was a surprise to me.

Does this really balace and restoures your pH skin?

I don’t know. I don’t have a pH meter.

But I can say that this product contains water (as first ingredient), and a lot of other hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, Sodium Acrylate and Betaine (known for balance moisture loss).

The squeeze tube is easy to open, resistant and friendly-travel

I also like the fact that this product doens’t have fragance, which is a big plus because that’s 50% the reasons for my breakouts, which lead us to the fact that this cream doesn’t break me out (at least the way I’ve been using it).

When the winter weather comes, I will try and use this more times a week and see how my skin reacts.

If you have dry skin, you probably will beneficiate using this cream every day/night and you will love the glow it gives to your skin. But if you are like me and have oily skin, then my advice is to try and see how many times your skin hold on this and take special care when it comes to the quantity of cream that you apply, remember less is more.

The pHenomenal gel comes in a squeeze tube with 50 ml and because I only use just a little bit, I think it will last a lot of time. If you are interested you can buy it on Pixi website’s here, phsical Pixi stores and at Sephora (Portugal). It costs $24.



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