TOP 3 EYE CREAMS | My everyday cream Routine

Hello beauties,

If there is one thing that worries me about my skin, it is the under-eye area. First, because I have dark and marked dark eyes and second because this zone is very sensitive and without proper care can begin to develop early wrinkles. And who wants wrinkles?

For these reasons, I like to use and try different creams. Some were a complete disappointment, however, I have some products stored in my heart.

It is important to speak again about the importance of using a specific cream for this zone because it is a zone like I said, with more sensitive since and the skin under the eyes does not have the same thickness nor characteristics of the rest of the skin of the face. Is a highly sensitive zone and we should always apply the product with light flutters while doing a light massage. One secret is to apply the product with your little finger (as it is the one that will apply less force) and to do as if we were writing the symbol of the infinite on the skin.

Today I will show you three products that I’m currently using and loving.




This is the cream that I use every day in the morning. The formula is really light and I like how my skin absorbs every bit of product in seconds. It’s not the best cream if you already have heavy wrinkles in the eye area, I put this cream as the perfect cream for the ’30s, to prevent the wrinkles.



Now, this is a little more potent cream. It’s advice for the eye area that looks dull and tired. It smoothes fine lines on the eye contour, brightens the eye área and helps minimize dark circles. If you put it in the fridge before using, it really helps with puffiness. I use this one at night and in the mornings when I have a bad night of sleep.


CLARINS HYDRA-ESSENTIEL Moisturizing reviving eye mask

I use this eye mask once/twice a week at night before bed. I think this is the product that changed my eye contour. Since I use this I noticed the eye are much more hydrated and the skin looks 90% better. You should apply a good amount of product and after one minute you take the excess with cotton. I never have excess, my skin absorbs everything in seconds. In the next day, I almost immediately see results.




(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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