PERFUMES | My last purchases! Which one is the best?

Hello beauties,

It’s no secret that I like perfumes and that I have a lot more than I need (or even use). This is a beauty product that we don’t exactly can call a necessitie but who doesn’t like to smell good?! I do!

the main problem is that I fall in love with a perfum and after some time I fall in love with another fragance and this goes on and on! In the last three months I made a few purchases, more exactly three new perfumes, and on today’s post I’m going to talk about them and tell you not which one is the best because I love all but which one is worth more the money, because let’s face it, perfumes are expensive!



I’m pretty extreme when it comes to Moschino perfumes: I love or hate the fragance. This one is absolutly marvelous. Like the name says it’s a cheap perfume but no one knows that because the scent is really pleasant, very citric and it lasts almost all day on the clothes and skin. This is the best purchase that I made in the last three months for sure. I bought it on sales which made the price even more nice and it brought a box and a little body cream. Spoiler: the body cream doens’t have almost any fragance, it a plain body cream, don’t expect big things about it.




The bottle is beautiful like all the Aqua Allegorias, the scent is divine, fresh and perfect if you like the the scent of cherry flowers. I think this is really expensive for the time that I feel it on me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my nose or it’s just like this but after a couple of hours I don’t feel it anymore. In their defense, this is na eau de toilette and not a perfum. To feel something I had to use a lot and my bottle shows that (I only have this perfume for a month). I like to call this my perfume when I’m feeling like a rich person.




I have a couple of Aqua de Gioias and this one is my favorite. It’s perfect to use in summer and for me it’s the son of Escada Summer and a perfume that I had from Jennifer Lopez (a grren and red bottle that brought a bracelet). It’s a little more sweet and the others two that I talked about but I jus love this frangace in Summer. That’s probably why I already use it so much na I only have for some days. The yellow bottle really calls for summer and the cap is like a stone (really pretty).


What is your favorite perfume right now? Let me know in the comments.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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