Frank Body Original Lip Duo | A lip scrub with Coffee? Yes!!

Hello beauties,

A few months ago I discovered one product that turned out to be one of my favorite products of this Summer! I’m talking about the Frank Body A-beauty scrub (check the post here if you are curious).

I didn’t know much about this Australian brand but I made my homework and found a lot about it (great Instagram page, babes!), and spoiler alert: I liked what I found!

I was really happy when I knew that Sephora Portugal received some new additions to Frank’s body Portugal family. After more research, I came across a few products that I wanted to try and one of them was the lip scrub!

There are available two different scrubs: coffee and cherry. It’s no difficult to know which one I wanted more…coffee!!!

Fortunately, I found a good deal at a Sephora store, a lip duo that brings the coffee lip scrub (15ml) and an original lip balm (also with 15 ml). Each product costs around 12€ and I bought this duo for 19,90€.


According to the packaging, this original lip duo is for babes who like black coffee and bad boys (raise your hand if this is the story of your life!).

I’m really happy with both products. The Lip Scrub is amazing. If you love coffee, you’ll love this scrub! It smells and tastes like coffee. I shouldn’t but I always like to taste it. It has sugar and little beans of coffee, two ‘natural’ ingredients that are great for dry, chapped lips.


I don’t advice you to scrub your lips every day but if you like it, this scrub is gentle enough for it (when well used). This scrub also hydrates the lips, and you can use it alone but I like to use a lip balm after.

The Lip Balm is also good, it doesn’t have any scent and it tastes like nothing. It’s basically lanoline and you know how much I praise to the gods the use of lanoline. I use Lanolips for a few years for everything!


Will I change my favorite lanoline brand product (Lanolips) for this lip balm? hmmm, I like both equally, my heart has space for both! I can use one in a day and the other on another day.

I normally use the scrub before using a matte lipstick or at night before a lip mask or lip balm. Although this lip scrub is gentle, if you scrub too much you’ll feel them tangling. So, don’t! Try to use it a day, before a lip balm at your choice if you didn’t have this one and see how many times you need to scrub your lips.

Oh and don’t forget to rinse the excess of lip scrub before applying the lip balm (it’s to rinse, not to lick it…girl, I see you!)


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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