New Years looks | YOUR Help is needed!!

Hello beauties,

New Year Eve is a date to celebrate, right? Who would think that we came so far…2020! OMG! Time passes so quickly and in a blink of an eye, we will be celebrating 2021! That’s crazy!

But talking about other things, have you thought about the twelve wishes that you’ll be making at midnight? No…shame on you! Start thinking about it now, it’s important to have projects to be completed during the year but it can make no harm if we count with a little bit of luck and there is when the midnight wishes come in hand. Ask for things that can happen, but don’t forget that you also have to help a little bit. It’s not worth asking to win the lottery if you never buy a ticket.

Now, let’s talk about why we are here. We need YOUR HELP, yes, we went to some stores and picked some clothes to use during this day, but we don’t know which one to pick. Who doesn’t want to look like Blake Lively on that gorgeous new years dress from The Age of Adaline, right?

So, here are your choices, let us know which one is your favorite and hopefully, we can give you some ideas if you still don’t know what to wear.

H&M Black Blouse (XS) €19.99 | Skirt (34) €24.99
Stradivarius Black Body (S) €12.99 | Sparkly Pants (XS) €19.99
Zara Blazer Dress (S) €59.95



Stradivarius dress (S) € 35,99
HM black body (XS) € 14,99 / skirt (34) € 39,99


Zara body (S) € 17,95 / Leather pants (34) € 39,95


Zara velvet skirt (XS) € 39,95


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