Challenge Outfit Combinations – Stradivarius #1

Hello beauties,

We decided to start a new segment on the blog, and what is it, you ask? It’s very simple, we choose a store and a number of pieces from their new collection, then we just have t try and combine them in the best way.

We started with Stradivarius, a store that has such pretty clothes and this new collection is so beautiful. The main colors are pastels (blue, green) but they also have a lot of florals and a lot of leather mini skirts. I didn’t try any because I was not feeling it (it’s still cold), but I’m sure that on my next trip to Stradivarius, I will definitly try one (maybe two).

We are still experimenting the idea, sorry if we change anything or if you don’t find it fun. We do find it fun, and you’ll never heard us complain when it comes to try new clothes. So, try to brace the idea with us, and have fun!

Don’t forget to tell us, which store we should go next and what was your favorite outfit combination. Maybe you can go to a Straduvarius, try a outfit and tag us on instagram, what do you think? We would love to see you.

Outfit #1

Cardigan (size S) 5111/190/505 (25.99€) | T-shirt Stars Tule (size XS) 6615/683/001 (12,99€) | Leggings (mine)




Outfit #2

Cardigan (size S) 5111/190/505 (25.99€) | T-shirt Stars Tule (size XS) 6615/683/001 (12,99€) | Skirt (size XS) 4732/648/001 (25.99€)




Outfit #3

Shirt (size S) 6648/780/511 | Skirt (size XS) 4732/648/001 (25.99€)




Outfit #4

Shirt (size S) 2045/457/004 (15.99€) | Skirt (size XS) 4732/648/001 (25.99€)




Outfit #5

Dress/Jacket (size S) 1920/483/045 (35.99€) | T-shirt Stars Tule (size XS) 6615/683/001 (12,99€)




Outfit #6


Dress/Jacket (size S) 1920/483/045 (35.99€) | Shirt (size S) 2045/457/004 (15.99€) | Leggings (mine)




I put on the description the referencie of each piece, you just need to search on the website for it, if you are interested. This post is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link.


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